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Promotional Frisbees in Bulk

We sell custom-branded frisbees with your company’s logo or design, perfect for outdoor events, beach promotions, and pet-related businesses. These flying discs offer a fantastic way to increase your brand visibility while providing fun and exercise.

Choose Cubic Promote for your Frisbees, and support a carbon-neutral certified company committed to delivering promotional products that blend innovation with sustainability.

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Types of Custom Branded Flying Discs

  • Indoor frisbees: These frisbees are softer and won't damage a wall when played indoors. These frisbees are made from lightweight wireframes and fabric.

  • Outdoor frisbees: These frisbees are made from plastic and fly further than indoor frisbees. We have these available in both big or small, perfect to play ultimate frisbee.

  • Trick frisbees: If you are looking for the next generation of frisbees you need to get trick frisbees. Some of these frisbees have a returning boomerang effect when thrown, whilst other doughnut frisbees have a hole in the middle which allows you to be creative in how you play and catch your promotional frisbee.

Ideal Use Cases for Personalised Throwing Discs

Frisbees are more than just toys; they're versatile promotional tools that can enhance brand visibility and engagement. Here are some ideal use cases:

  • Outdoor Events: Perfect for festivals, beach parties, or company picnics, adding a fun element while promoting your brand.
  • Sports Promotions: Ideal for sports teams, clubs, or events to encourage active participation and team spirit.
  • Corporate Team Building: Great for fostering teamwork and camaraderie among employees in corporate retreats or team-building activities.
  • Pet-Related Businesses: Suitable for pet stores, veterinary clinics, or dog parks, as many frisbees are dog-friendly and encourage pet playtime.

FAQs About Custom Printed Frisbees

What materials are frisbees typically made from?

They are usually made from plastic, rubber, or sometimes eco-friendly materials like recycled or biodegradable plastic, offering a range of durability and flexibility.

Are there different sizes available?

Frisbees come in various sizes and weights, suitable for different age groups and skill levels, from lightweight models for children to heavier discs for ultimate frisbee athletes.

How durable are your frisbees?

The durability depends on the material and quality of the frisbee. High-quality plastic or rubber frisbees are generally durable and designed for frequent use.

Can they be used for competitive sports, or are they just for fun?

While many frisbees are designed for casual play, there are also professional-grade frisbees made for competitive sports like ultimate frisbee and disc golf.

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