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Cubic Promote supplies promotional flying discs and yo-yos personalised with your unique logos and graphics. With fast delivery Australia wide and cheap pricing, you cannot afford to miss out on this fun way of marketing your brand. Our range of frisbees and yo-yos are perfect for student orientation days, conferences, events, social promotions or even recreational use. We have a huge variety of frisbees and yo-yo’s in stock in our Brisbane and Melbourne warehouses, enabling us to offer you quick and efficient delivery nationwide.

Fun, Personalised Toys and Gifts

If you want to get your event or brand noticed, then you'll want to invest in bulk promotional flying discs and yo-yos with your unique logo decoration. Yoyos and frisbees are colourful, eye-catching toys that have broad appeal to the young and old alike. They're also cost-effective ways of entertaining others and will fit easily into a gift pack or show bag. Associate your brand with vibrant, fun promotional gifts and enjoy a great exposure boost no matter your industry.

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What is a Promotional Frisbee?

A promotional frisbee is a flat, flying toy made for fun. It involves having a person launch your frisbee into the air, soaring your brand across the sky. Another person will then catch it, be impressed by your logo and graphic, and throw it back. Our frisbees are personalised with your graphic or logo and are encouraged to be used on all occasions. Why limit your brand to the ground when it can reach new heights with a promotional frisbee.

Bulk Branded for Australian Events

A frisbee or yo-yo has plenty of brand marketing appeal. A frisbee tends to attract visual attention, while a yo-yo is an ultimate toy used for fidgeting. Having your logo on either type of these products means you get easy marketing for your brand. Additionally, it distinguishes your brand from other companies, and if people enjoy your promotional product, they will begin to think about your brand when using that product.

We have an assortment of Australian Made and overseas made/locally stocked frisbees. Additionally, we have locally stocked/overseas made yo-yos that we brand in our Brisbane or Melbourne factories depending on your location. Learn more by checking out our Buying Guide for Yo-Yos & Frisbees.

Types of Frisbees Available:

1) Indoor frisbees: these frisbees are safe and will not damage a wall when played indoors. These frisbees are made from lightweight wireframes and fabric.

2) Outdoor frisbees: these frisbees are made from plastic and fly further than indoor frisbees. We have these available in both big or small.

3) Trick frisbees: if you are looking for the next generation of frisbees you need to get trick frisbees. Some of these frisbees have a returning boomerang effect when thrown, whilst other doughnut frisbees have a hole in the middle which allows you to be creative in how you play and catch your promotional frisbee.

What is a Promotional Yo-Yo?

A yo-yo is a flat cylinder that has a string attached to the middle. It is a toy that is used for fun. To play with a yo-yo, you loop your finger around the end of a piece of string (the other end attaches to the yo-yo). You then wind the string onto the yoyo, and once the yo-yo reaches your hand, you drop the yo-yo to unravel the string. Once the yo-yo approaches the bottom, you flip your wrist to "bounce" the yo-yo back up. It is time we bring yo-yo’s back into the limelight and what better way to do so other than with your personalised logo or design. Custom printed yo-yos and frisbees are perfect for social functions, promotional events or recreational use.

Buy Yo-Yos and Frisbees in a Mix of Colours

We supply all our frisbees and yo-yos in your choice of colour. There are no additional costs for bulk orders in a range of different colours.

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