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Promotional Flying Discs and Custom Frisbees

Buy flying discs and custom frisbees custom printed with company logos or messages. Flying discs, also called frisbees, is a fantastic promotional item aimed at kids, beach and party-goers. We carry a wide array of custom flying discs that come in a range of different colours and sizes, and they can fly reasonably long distances. Perfect for promotional giveaway items, flying discs and custom frisbees are a perfect fun promotional product for your next event, whether that be trade shows or conventions, giveaways for customers, business events or even a competition. Whether you are partying at Bondi Beach, board Beach or playing ultimate frisbee at Centennial park, or any outdoor events you can always bring a flying disc with you for extra fun!


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We Pad Print Custom Frisbees and Flying Discs

Using the latest screen printing and digital printing technology, we expertly screen print or digital print the company logo in up to 3 colours onto the flat top surface of the flying discs and custom frisbee designs. The result is nicely printed custom frisbees with a company logo or message printed on the surface.

Bulk Branded Custom Frisbees for Australian Events

We have an assortment of Australian Made and overseas made/locally stocked promotional frisbees. Additionally, we have locally stocked/overseas made yo-yos that we brand in our Brisbane or Melbourne factories depending on your location. Learn more by checking out our Buying Guide for Yo-Yos & Frisbees.

Fast Shipping in Australia for Custom Frisbees

We store over 10,000 custom frisbees in warehouses across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We can finish the printing of the flying discs in 5 working days and ship them to you via reliable couriers like TNT to ensure your promotional frisbees arrive on time for all outdoor events or marketing campaign.

What is a Flying Disc?

A flying disc, also called frisbee, is usually made from moulded plastic in a round shape. People use it as a gliding toy for recreational purposes or as a sport, such as ultimate frisbee. The size of the frisbee is usually around 20-25cm in diameter.

Types of Custom Frisbees Available:

  1. Indoor frisbees: these frisbees are softer and won't damage a wall when played indoors. These frisbees are made from lightweight wireframes and fabric.

  2. Outdoor frisbees: these frisbees are made from plastic and fly further than indoor frisbees. We have these available in both big or small, perfect to play ultimate frisbee.

  3. Trick frisbees: if you are looking for the next generation of frisbees you need to get trick frisbees. Some of these frisbees have a returning boomerang effect when thrown, whilst other doughnut frisbees have a hole in the middle which allows you to be creative in how you play and catch your promotional frisbee.

FAQ on Frisbees

Do you supply flying discs with custom printing?

Yes, we can digitally print your complex design on the flat surface of the custom frisbees. If it is a simple logo, we can use screen printing to achieve this too.

Do you have any eco-friendly custom frisbees in your range?

Yes, we have flying discs that are made from recycled plastic. We also have Australian made custom frisbee designs.

Are all frisbees made from hard plastic?

No, we also have silicon and nylon frisbees available. Soft silicone and Nylon frisbees are more suitable for indoor playing. As the weight of the frisbee is a lot lighter, and it is not made from hard plastic. It reduces the chance of getting someone injured during indoor playing.

Image for digital full colour printing on frisbee.

Green Frisbee

Image for screen printing on frisbee.

Purple Frisbee


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