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Diaries and planners are the single most popular promotional product for many businesses and organisations in Australia. A well-branded can be distributed easily virtually anyone in any age group because it's versatile for daily use. Some of the places where we have supplied diaries and organisers to include:

College & University students | Consulting Companies | I.T Businesses | Retail shops | Teachers | Trade Unions | Public and Private Businesses as well as government organisations

We supply corporate diaries to you featuring your design expertly branded on the product. It will look so unique that your branding will look as if it has always been part of the diary!

We Guarantee the Quality of Your Print Logo on Your Diary

When we print your diary, we are so confident that you will love not just the product but also the way that your brand looks on it that we guarantee the custom print as well. So if you do not like the way the diary looks let us know, and we will replace it for you.

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Australian Custom Diaries

We carry diaries that feature blank pages, or diaries that have dates and calendars. Our printed diaries will feature all the common milestone and Australian national days. Some options also carry public school holidays too. Cubic Promote is an Australian company so we tailor our diaries for Aussie use. If you would like to highlight your special dates and events in your diary, then you may be interested in a custom made option. Ask us about having a diary featuring your dates as well as images. You can indeed create a diary that is special and is used year round by your colleagues and your guests. Check out our: Buying Guide Diary and Organiser

Choosing the Best Diary For Your Recipient

There are many options when choosing diaries. Diaries are available with

- "Page to a View," (meaning there is 1 page dedicated to each day.) 
- "Week to a view," (which means each full week receives a double page spread).

Both options allow a user to fill in their diary with their personal agendas and schedules. The week to a view is a significantly slimmer diary as a result of having fewer pages. Different users will typically require a different diary to meet their lifestyle needs. Here are some examples of what we recommend for several popular categories of diaries:

Student Diaries - Typically require products that are more robust and less corporate looking. Diaries with a plastic cover with a week to a view are very popular. Prices are low, yet they can be personalised with some attractive colours.

Sales Staff - A sales team requires a lot of space for jotting down key notes, appointments and data information. Therefore choose options which have a day to a view allowing for more writing space. Diaries made from faux or real leather provide a more corporate look and feel and are a preferred option for sales staff.

Regular Office Team Members - Most office team members would have a steady weekly flow of meetings. Their schedules will never be as busy as salespeople, therefore "week to a view" planners are perfect. Generally, diary users who work in offices also prefer a more corporate look and feel for their diaries. Choose black, brown or blue coloured planners.

Corporate (& retail) Customers - Using diaries for your customers is a great way to market and brand your business. Consider using a custom made diary for your customers. You can include subtle marketing messages throughout the year and include some great images of your product and your service to make your diary attractive.

Corporate Gift - Any diary that has a premium look and feel would be extremely appropriate. Ask about having your diary delivered with gold trimmings

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