Printed Lanyards

Printed Custom Lanyards

Choose from a good range of lanyards that can be custom printed with your logo and branding. Our lanyards are made from top quality fabrics that make them not only durable and reusable long after your event, but also make them extremely vibrant and attractive. Brand your logo on them and you can be assured of a professional great looking finish.

Essential For Events & Conferences

If you are holding a conference or an event then supplying lanyards are an absolute essential. Lanyards have a dual purpose of identifying guests, organizer staff as well as providing an easy way to carry things like Pens, tickets, lip balms and other small items for you to have quick easy access to. Please note all prices shown on the website for our printed lanyards are exclusive of GST. Check out our: Buying Guide Lanyards

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Accessories and Attachment Options for Lanyards

Your lanyard comes with your choice of either a standard J hook or an alligator clip (first 2 in the image below). If however you wanted to extend the functionality of your lanyard please enquire with us as we can have your lanyard supplied with an attachment to suit your needs including: (in order clockwise) J Hook | Alligator Clip | Keyring | Badge Holder clip | Mini string loop | Detachable mini string loop | Carabiner Plastic Clip | Metal Pull Back clip. Tell us which option you prefer when you make your enquiry.

lanyard attachment options

Breakaway Safety Latch

Lanyards may pose as a choking hazard to children and to adults. If you are holding an event, for your peace of mind you may want to consider opting for a safety breakaway latch. This latch is available on all our range of fabric based lanyards. Essentially it is a clip that is on the back of the lanyard. When the lanyard is pulled hard the latch will break free meaning your guest will not suffer any injuries through accidents. Visually speaking the latch is barely noticeable.

breakaway latch safety lanyards(latch located on top of lanyard)

Enhance Your Lanyard With Promotional Items

Lanyards are versatile enough to have them come attached to all sorts of promotional items. Some popular options that can go onto the lanyard include physical products such as: Lipbalms | Pens | Flash Memory Drives | Bottled Water | Magnifying glass. Ask us about how you can really make your lanyard even more special by attaching them with other promotional items

Buy Branded With Fast Turnaround Times

Your lanyards are generally delivered with a 2 week turnaround time. However if you require them sooner, please ask about our fast turnaround option where we can have them produced with simply a 1 day turnaround time (please allow 1 to 2 days for delivery though).

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