Promotional Puzzles

The best type of branding or marketing happens when an interaction between the user and the message occurs. What better way to promote your branding than through one of our promotional puzzles personalised with your logo or branding. We carry classic games that everyone knows and loves like tile sliders as well as soon to be classics like Sudoku. We also have other types of games that are simply a joy to pick up simply just to fidget and relax. Either way there sure is a promotional puzzle that is perfect for you.

Buy Brain Teasers Branded With Your Logo

We expertly brand your logo onto these puzzles. By that, I do not merely mean that your logo or branding is simply casually stuck onto the game item itself. What does happen though is that your branding gets personalised onto the brain teaser using the latest printing methods.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your promotional puzzle branded with your logo that we guarantee both the item and the branding itself too! If you are not satisfied with the custom print, or if it simply is not sharp enough, let us know, and we will replace the item for you. It is your assurance that your branded logo will look great on the puzzle each and every time. To get some hints and ideas on puzzles check out our: Buying Guide Puzzles

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Set Descending Direction

Choose With the Correct Difficulty Level

When you select your puzzle for an event, a good idea would be to consider the type of person receiving the item. A child may be more interested in a sliding puzzle game rather than a Sudoku game. Whilst a teenager may find a Rubik cube a lot more appealing to them. Choose a puzzle with an appropriate level of difficulty for your target audience. If the puzzle is just right and it is within the realm of possibility for them to solve then you will definitely have a product that will be very much appreciated by the recipient.

Puzzles Need Not Be Hard

Puzzles need not necessarily be difficult. As long as they are interactive and interesting that may be all that is required to get your branding noticed. Products like our Magic Cubes do an amazing job of promoting some really amazing graphics yet they are so simple and natural to play with. Also keep in mind that puzzles will be shared. So as long as your puzzle is fun and appealing you need not need to have a promotional puzzle that is too difficult.

Occasions Where Brain Teasers Are Perfect

Our brain teasers are commonly used during conferences and exhibitions. They are also immensely popular with students and have been proven to be an absolute hit.

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