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Promotional A5 Compendiums

Buy A5 compendiums custom printed with your graphic or logo. Buy A5 compendiums custom printed with your graphic or logo. A5 compendiums are a great promotional item aimed at university students and working professionals. We have a wide range of A5 padfolios made from durable materials like leather and Koeskin that feature an outer zipper to keep your contents secure. Our custom branded A5 compendiums are ideal for the working professional. So whether you’re working in the Commonwealth Bank, have a corporate event coming up, or simply need to keep yourself organised at the office, then these padfolios are a smart choice.

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We Pad Print and Emboss A5 Compendiums

Using the latest pad printing and embossing technology, we expertly pad print or emboss your logo or graphic onto the surface of A5 sized compendiums. Pad printing lets us use a large stamping device to print your logo in up to 3 solid colours on the padfolios. Embossing involves using a heated press to imprinted your design directly into the compendium's surface. The final results for both techniques are stylish and professional, ideal for getting your brand noticed.

Fast Shipping in Australia

We carry all stock in Australia for fast turnaround times. Typically turnaround time for most orders is within two weeks.
What is an A5 Compendium?
An A5 compendium is a medium-sized secured folder that can be closed and may come with additional storage and features like pen loops, cardholders, calculator and more. It can be made from various materials, including leather or leather-like materials such as koeskin, PU and more.

Why Choose A5 Compendiums instead of A4?

(generally for size, a5 is more portable and fits in bags easily)
They are half the size of an A4 which will fit most bags. You will no longer need to carry it separately if you use small bags or briefcases. You can also easily take them around since they are lighter and more compact than A4.

FAQ on A5 Compendiums 

Do you supply A5 padfolios with custom printing?

Yes, we can do printing or deboss on the cover of padfolios.


Can you make A5 compendiums in colours other than black, grey, and navy?

Yes, but only for an indent (large orders). Not as standard, unfortunately.

Do you have vegan leather A5 compendiums?

Yes, we have several made from no animal products.

See more of our range of personalised vegan leather compendiums and check out these branded premium gift pens as well.

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