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Promotional Antibacterial Products

Buy antibacterial products custom printed with your graphic or logo in Australia. These products are a wonderful way to advertise your brand while providing a useful gift to staff, office visitors, or event attendees. Cubic Promote stocks a range of hand and surface wipes, each suitable for removing germs and bacteria with minimal fuss. We also have face masks to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses by trapping droplets released when the wearer talks, coughs, or sneezes. Additionally, they offer protection against environmental pollutants, workplace hazards, and allergens.

Bulk buy antibacterial products with your custom logo printed on the packaging, large or small we have a pack size to suit any promotion or business. Elevate well-being and sanitary conditions by boosting your brand using promotional wipes from Cubic Promote. Our website pricing is listed in AUD and excludes GST.

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We Full-Colour Print Disinfectant Products

Our decoration team uses the latest digital print technology to add your custom logo to packs of disinfectant wipes. We print a large, full-colour label featuring your design and add it to each container of wipes. Digital print can replicate photographs, small details, and colourful gradients, making it ideal for any logo design. Get your brand noticed using quality custom prints on wipe packs from Cubic Promote.

Fast Shipping Australia-Wide

We stock a large range of promotional wipes and face masks right here in Australia for fast branding and delivery across the country. Our standard turnaround time for antibacterial products is 2 weeks, but if you have an urgent deadline, we can accomodate it upon ordering. Cubic Promote will deliver to any address in Australia or New Zealand, so give us a call today.

What Are Antibacterial Products?

Antibacterial products are specifically designed to counteract and minimise the presence of bacteria. These items are imbued with substances that either eradicate bacteria or hinder their proliferation, ensuring environments and surfaces are more hygienic and lessening the risk of bacterial contamination.

Face masks play a vital role in health and safety by serving as a barrier against airborne particles, droplets, and potential contaminants. Their primary function is to reduce the transmission of these particles from the wearer and protect them from environmental exposure. Conversely, antibacterial wipes are tailored for the disinfection of surfaces. These wipes, by both physically removing and chemically neutralising harmful bacteria, are instrumental in thwarting the transmission of bacterial infections, marking their significance in both healthcare settings and day-to-day life.

FAQ on Antibacterial Products

Do you supply antibacterial products with custom decoration?

Yes, we supply packages of wipes and face masks featuring your custom printing on the label.

What is the smallest number of these products I can order?

The minimum order quantity for promotional products under these items that you can order is 100 packs. If you require fewer than 100 packs please let our team know and we'll assist you.

What makes antibacterial wipes different to hand sanitisers?

Antibacterial wipes are a good option for sanitising skin and surfaces for anyone who prefers a gentle, freshening cloth wipe instead of a clear alcohol gel. Hand sanitisers are also only really useful for the skin, while wipes may be used on other surfaces as well. Speak to our friendly team if you're unsure which will suit your promotional campaign the best.

Image for full colour label on canister with wipes.

Wipes in a Canister

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