Anzac Day is on Saturday April 25th 2020

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Anzac Day is a solemn day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers. It is a day Australians, and New Zealanders look back with quiet respect and consider those who have served in our armed forces, and those still serving them in conflicts around the world today. It is also a day in which respect is paid to the families of the fallen and their comrades who march on.

Custom Products for Veterans Awareness

It is for this reason if you are seeking merchandise that we highly recommend to keep all your commemorative efforts respectful, not tacky or exploitative.  Due to the sensitivity and profound nature of Anzac Day, there are a few things we would recommend:

  1. Subtle or no corporate branding on commemorative gifts marking the occasion
  2. Low key colours - Khaki, Green, Black, Blue, White etc. and definitely no loud colours, i.e. fluoro pink
  3. Appropriate merchandise which will not offend or upset

We also recommend Australian made products more than any other occasion.  Some products which have been traditionally associated with Anzac day and have been used as fundraisers include:

Did you also know that the term Anzac is a protected word which is prohibited for commercial use unless written approval is awarded by the Minister of Veteran Affairs.  It is, of course, allowed for a certain type of cookie (the iconic Anzac Biscuit).  Approvals have been few and far between and in our opinion rightly so to protect the integrity of this day.

Please remember this is a day of respect and that less is more when it comes to distributing merchandise on such an important day.

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