Promotional Compendiums for Event Planners

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From conferences to trade shows and seminars, event planners have a variety of tools at their disposal when it comes to creating engaging events. One such tool is the promotional compendium – a powerful marketing piece that can be used to showcase expertise and originality while increasing visibility and engagement levels. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a custom branded padfolio when planning an event as well as explore what should be included in one, the different types available, cost implications associated with them and how to find the right compendium for your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Promotional compendium when used for event planning can help you showcase your leadership in the industry, increase visibility for the event and extend conversations post-event.
  • Important items to include in a promotional portfolio range from comprehensive overviews of topics/themes/ideas discussed during the event to visual assets such as photographs or graphics related to themes being presented at gathering.
  • There are three main types of promotional padfolio available - digital documents (such as PDFs), physical documents (often printed brochures) or online portals – each with its own set of advantages depending on specific requirements leading up to major events.

Promotional Compendiums for Event Planners

What Are the Benefits of Using a Promotional Compendium When Planning an Event

A custom padfolio is more than just a presentation tool; it also has the potential to make your event stand out from the rest. By using creative visuals and powerful content, you can create an impressive marketing piece that will help you demonstrate your leadership in the industry as well as highlight your thoughtful approach to problem solving. In addition, these materials provide great opportunities for increasing visibility before attendees even enter the room which helps raise awareness about your organisation or brand. Furthermore, promotional compendiums offer long-term engagement opportunities after an event takes place allowing conversations to extend beyond initial meetings - helping build relationships that may eventually lead to new business opportunities in the near future.

What Should be Included in a Personalised Compendium

When constructing a promotional compendium for an upcoming event there are several elements that should be taken into consideration including:

  • A comprehensive overview of topics/themes/ideas discussed during the event
  • Descriptions of any keynote speakers or presenters
  • Lists of sponsors & partners involved with organising/running session/event
  • Visual assets such as photographs or graphics related to themes being presented at gathering
  • Contact information (for further inquiries post-gathering)
  • Links directing readers towards additional resources (on web)
  • Sample data & insights gathered during meeting (to give credibility/evidence)
  • QR code linking to digital versions of material (for easy access by mobile users)

The Different Types of Promotional Compendiums Available for Event Planners

When it comes to choosing the type of content layout for your compendium there are three main options: digital documents (such as PDFs), physical documents (often printed brochures) or online portals which act as interactive websites where viewers can access additional materials on demand. Each option has its own set of advantages based on specific requirements leading up to major events so planners should assess what type would best suit their individual needs before making any decisions. Furthermore, some platforms also allow users to edit documents online without having to re-download them each time changes need made – saving lots of time in preparation process!

Understanding the Cost Implications of Using a Custom Compendium

Costs associated with preparing a personalised portfolio vary depending on which type is chosen but generally speaking all three methods tend fall within similar price ranges 1). Digital documents typically come at no extra cost providing they’re created using existing software programs 2). Printed brochures require more design work thus resulting higher costs 3). Online portals usually require setup fees plus monthly charges support upkeep/ongoing maintenance. Additionally, planners also need factor any additional expenses related printing materials if physical copies required due venue restrictions etc…

How To Find & Use The Right Branded Compendium For Your Event Planning Needs

Promotional compendiums can prove invaluable when looking increase event visibility and create long term engagement opportunities after gathering has ended so finding right one essential success! Fortunately there are number resources available online providing helpful tips advice when choosing appropriate platform format use accordingly – from industry blogs showcasing latest trends popular platforms amongst experts community forums providing honest opinions based personal experiences both avenues worth exploring ensure sure get most value possible investment!

Promotional Compendiums For Event Planners

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