What Is Wheat Fibre Blend And Why Is It Eco-Friendly?

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For centuries, we've succumbed to the adverse effects of plastic-based products because of our doing. It's not too late to redeem ourselves from Mother Nature, though, as it always presents us with solutions on how to save her. One of the solutions is wheat fibre, a green ally that has become popular in the promotional products sector. It quickly joined the group of bioplastic materials, a fantastic substitute for industrial-made plastic. Thus, giving birth to wheat fibre blend promotional giveaways. But what exactly is a wheat fibre blend product, and why is it environmentally friendly? Read this post to find out.

Eco-Friendly Cups

What is Wheat Fibre?

The byproduct of wheat grain farming is a substance known as wheat fibre or wheat straw. According to ScienceDirect, wheat straw is one of the world's most abundant and inexpensive agricultural wastes. This byproduct consists of cellulose, hemicelluloses, lignin, and fewer ash and protein contents. Obtaining lignin is a necessary step in producing products containing wheat fibre blends. Lignin is the "special sauce" of wheat fibre blend items.

How Are Wheat Fibre Blend Products Made?

Once extracted from the wheat fibres, the lignin must be broken down to create plastic. The bacterium Rhodococcus jostii, which is present in the soil, assists in the breakdown of lignin. Yup, even the process itself doesn't require synthetic chemicals and is purely organic.

After being broken down, lignin can be combined with other materials to produce a moldable compound that can be made to produce products. The "other material" we are talking about is BPA-free polypropylene, primarily found in our wheat fibre blend promotional items. When you combine these two components, you end up with a personalised giveaway that is practical and long-lasting, making it ideal for use in any marketing campaign. It is called a wheat fibre "blend" because it is mixed with other substances to create a new product and is not purely made of wheat fibre.

Benefits of Using Wheat Fibre in Promotional Products

Who would have guessed that wheat, regarded as a wild grass thousand years ago, would have a wide range of applications? One of which is being transformed into a variety of eco friendly promotional merchandise we use daily such as cups, plates, cutlery, lunch boxes, pouches, bags, and more!

Moreover, due to the fibrous nature of the plant, wheat fibre is strong and durable enough for heavy-duty use. It can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, so products made from wheat fibre blend can be microwaved. Conversely, it is also freezer-safe. Products made from the wheat fibre are naturally odourless and antibacterial. It also offers farmers an extra source of income every time they sell wheat fibre to companies that create eco-friendly goods.

Why Wheat Fibre Blend Products Are Eco-Friendly

Wheat fibre is good for the environment, not just because of what it is made into but also how it is made. Wheat fibre is technically a waste or byproduct. Therefore, it doesn't require any extra farming steps and only needs less energy to make plastic-like material, which means the process releases much lower carbon emissions. In addition, it stops farmers from burning it, which they typically do after harvesting wheat. In this way, we are also preventing the release of carbon dioxide into the environment. Further, it prevents the needless loss of our forest resources, which is a huge plus. Thanks to its versatile nature, wheat fibre can be used to make paper products.

As we find more new and creative ways to use bioplastics like wheat fibre, we can stop single-use plastics made from oil from polluting our landfills and oceans and cut the amount of CO2 that hurts our atmosphere by a considerable amount.

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