5 Industries Utilising Promotional Umbrellas

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Promotional umbrellas are an effective marketing tool that has been utilised by various industries for many years. The perfect blend of practicality and brand exposure, promotional umbrellas are a popular choice for businesses looking to get their name out there. In Australia, where the weather is known for its unpredictability, umbrellas are a particularly useful item. Let's explore the industries that stand to benefit the most from using promotional umbrellas in the Land Down Under.

  • Logo branded umbrellas are versatile.
  • Branded Umbrellas Benefit Diverse Industries
  • Vertex's Utilization of Custom Umbrellas

 5 Industries Utilising Promotional Umbrellas

Top Industries that Benefit:

Customised umbrellas can benefit numerous industries. However, the 5 industries below gains the most benefits from giving away umbrellas custom branded with unique logo and company slogan. 

  • Real Estate - The Australian real estate market is highly competitive, with agents constantly vying for the attention of potential clients. Branded umbrellas serve as an excellent marketing tool for real estate agencies, as they offer a practical solution for clients attending open houses on rainy days. Not only do these umbrellas keep clients dry, but they also ensure that the agency's logo remains visible throughout the inspection process. This can help reinforce brand recognition and create a lasting impression on potential buyers.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Australia's hospitality and tourism sector is a thriving industry, with millions of international and domestic travellers visiting the country each year. Hotels, resorts, and tour operators can all benefit from offering promotional umbrellas to guests. These items can be used as complimentary gifts or sold in gift shops, providing visitors with a functional souvenir that will remind them of their trip to Australia for years to come. Additionally, offering umbrellas emblazoned with the company's logo can help increase brand exposure, as tourists are likely to use these items while exploring popular attractions.
  • Finance and Insurance - In the finance and insurance industries, trust is paramount. Companies operating in this space can enhance their reputation by providing clients with branded umbrellas, which not only showcase their logo but also demonstrate a commitment to customer care. By offering a practical and useful gift, clients are more likely to associate the company with reliability and professionalism. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and, ultimately, more business.
  • Sports and Outdoor Events - Australia is a nation of sports lovers, with outdoor events such as cricket, rugby, and Australian Rules Football drawing large crowds throughout the year. Promotional umbrellas offer an excellent opportunity for sporting clubs, stadiums, and event organisers to capitalise on this enthusiasm. By offering branded umbrellas to fans and attendees, these organisations can ensure that their logo remains visible, even during inclement weather. Furthermore, these promotional items can be sold in club stores or at event merchandising booths, providing an additional revenue stream.
  • Retail - Last but not least, retail businesses in Australia can also benefit from using promotional umbrellas. Whether it's a small boutique or a large department store, offering branded umbrellas to customers can help create a memorable shopping experience. Shoppers are more likely to remember a store that goes above and beyond to provide practical solutions for their needs, which can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Brand Boost: Custom Umbrellas

Vertex, a renowned Australian company, approached Cubic Promote for a unique and effective way to increase brand exposure during the rainy season. Cubic Promote recommended promotional umbrellas as the perfect marketing tool, offering both practicality and visibility. Vertex ordered a batch of high-quality promotional corporate umbrellas featuring their eye-catching logo and distributed them to clients and employees.

As a result, Vertex experienced a surge in brand recognition, with people frequently spotting their distinct umbrellas around town, even on the rainiest of days. This successful collaboration between Vertex and Cubic Promote not only brightened up gloomy weather but also reinforced Vertex's presence in the market.


Promotional umbrellas are a versatile marketing tool that can benefit a wide range of industries in Australia. From real estate to retail, these items offer a practical solution for clients while also increasing brand visibility. With Australia's unpredictable weather, it's no wonder that promotional umbrellas have become such a popular choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

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Jasmine Liu

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