Branded Umbrellas for Tourism Marketing

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Imagine this, mate. You're taking a delightful stroll along the picturesque coastal route of Bondi Beach when all of a sudden dark clouds start looming and before you know it, it's bucketing down like nobody's business! Panic-struck, you look around for shelter but no luck there. However, just as things couldn't get any wetter- wait on! What's that? Is that another tourist using a promotional umbrella to shield themselves from the pelting rain? Talk about saving grace - with promo-brollies like these not only do you have handy protection in unpredictable Aussie weather but also clever branding tools. Let's delve deeper into how promotional umbrellas are revolutionising the marketing world!

1. Promotional umbrellas double up as marketing tools.
2. Ideal for brand visibility in public places.
3. Stylish designs attract tourists' attention.

 Stylish Promotional Umbrellas for Tourism Branding
Practical Advantages

Promotional umbrellas provide both practical use for individuals as well as act as branding tools for businesses.

  • As mentioned earlier, Australia has extremely volatile weather patterns which means carrying an umbrella is always an asset.
  • Providing clients with personalised umbrellas protects them from unpredictable weather whilst allowing your brand name to spread through word-of-mouth marketing too!
  • Tourists will appreciate having promotional brollies on hand while exploring new destinations.
  • There is a variety of styles available that can suit the needs of different brands and ensure effective promotion whilst offering practical benefits too!

Brand Visibility

Taking inspiration from our introduction story (wink!), imagine how useful it would be if everyone around you was walking with an umbrella featuring your company name or logo?

  • Promotional umbrellas can provide maximum exposure to passersby, especially in crowded areas such as beaches, parks, and shopping malls.
  • In Australia’s public places like outdoor cafes or bus stops are perfect branding opportunities as it allows the umbrella user to showcase your brand without looking too pushy or forward.
  • An enjoyable aspect of branded brollies is that they serve as walking billboards which means more people will see them once advertising on our products starts.

Coral Sea Resort & Casino Success Story

Coral Sea Resort & Casino wanted to attract more tourists to their pristine beach location in Queensland. They decided to give away promotional beach umbrellas as a special gift for guests staying at the resort during the scorching summer season. Little did they know, this marketing plan would prove fruitful beyond their estimate.

As soon as guests started using these vibrant and eye-catching boho-style umbrellas on the beach and along nearby shops, people's attention got caught by the bright Coral Sea Resort & Casino logo printed on them. Word spread quickly, and before long, many of those lounging on towels under these custom branded brollies were being asked where they got them from. This conversation not only helped promote brand recognition but also led to numerous new leads without any pushy sales tactics!

Thanks to these personalised sun shades - Coral Sea Resort & Casino significantly increased their brand visibility while providing practical use on hot Aussie beaches that has left an unforgettable impression with both residents and tourists alike!


Promotional umbrellas prove themselves practical gifts that double up as cost-effective marketing strategies. Providing ample advertising space without being intrusive has helped many businesses attract new clients whilst keeping old ones happy. With various styles available and advanced printing methods supporting the creation of high-quality designs at cheap rates alongside durability even in harsh climate conditions. Custom brollies from Cubic Promote have become must-have items this season! So next time you're taking a walk along Bondi Beach (or anywhere else), make sure you don't forget your customised umbrella!


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