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Promotional Auto Accessories Custom Printed with your Logo

Buy vehicle accessories featuring your logo branding. Auto accessories are the ideal gift for any petrol head looking at adding a personal touch to their car. Cars are an integral part of our society, especially for us Australians living within an incredibly dispersed country. Car accessories allow us to personalise our vehicles, especially when they are custom branded with our artwork designs. Cubic Promote has an extensive range of vehicle accessories, perfect for getting your brand noticed by customers and staff alike. Our websites prices to not include GST and are listed in Australian dollars.

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We Pad Print & Digitally Full Colour Print

To ensure your product looks the best, Cubic Promote has access to the latest technology in Pad and Digital Printing. For logos of up to 3 colours, Pad Print is a fantastic, cost-effective branding method that brilliantly prints your design onto the surface of any product. Digital Full Colour print is perfect for those artworks that are complex and full of colour as this method can copy the design without losing any definition, giving an incredibly eye-catching finish.

What are Car Accessories?

Car Accessories are items purchased for vehicles to help increase their functionality, aesthetic look or cleanliness. The most popular vehicle accessories purchased are Air Fresheners, Cleaning Clothes and Phone holders, all of which assist with increasing the comfort of the car. These accessories are popular purchases by car dealerships as they are gifts given to customers purchasing a motor vehicle.

Unique Gifts for Car Drivers

Promotional Vehicle Accessories are a valued gift for anybody who spends large amounts of time driving, especially for work. Phone holders given to couriers by their company are vital gifts as they allow the driver to place their phone in a safe position and display their GPS.

FAQ on Car Products

Do you supply auto accessories with logo branding?

Yes, we sell auto accessories branded with your logo or artwork.

What is the smallest number of car accessories that I can order?

The minimum order quantity for car accessories is 25 units. However, some products may be available to be ordered at a lower amount for a below MOQ fee.

What material are Chamois made from?

Authentic Chamois is a particular type of incredibly soft, flexible, and absorbent leather, making them a great cleaning cloth. There are also other versions called Imitation and Synthetic Chamois. Imitation Chamois is made from other leathers from animals such as pigs and goats, whereas, Synthetic Chamois is a non-woven viscose rayon or polyvinyl alcohol. Both aim to act the same as an Authentic Chamois but are more cost-effective.

What air freshener scents are available for cars?

Air Fresheners come in a wide range of different scents, many of which are available here at Cubic Promote. The most popular fragrances ordered are New Car, Lavender and Vanilla.

Why are hands-free phone kits so important?

The increased reliance on phones for many aspects of our lives has recently clashed with our driving ability. As a result, we become distracted, looking down, significantly increasing the risk of an accident. Hands-free phone kits are essential as they reduce the level of distraction and keep your head up and your eyes directed towards the road. As a result, car accidents dramatically decrease, allowing people to drive on the streets safely.

Branded Lifestyle Car Accessories

All of our car-themed products will look incredible when we print them with your custom design. Our extensive range includes seat belt covers, phone holders, chamois, USB chargers, sun shades and much more. Each product works as a great accessory for your motor-themed event, business, or community group.

Cubic Promote also offers multi-use items such as the collections in our logo branded tool kits to include in your travelling necessities.

Australian Legal Requirements

Regulation changes in Australia mean that Smartphones you can only operate such devices in vehicles with an approved Hands-Free kit. Therefore calls are no longer allowed using just a hands-free phone kit with the phone on your lap. A product such as our mobile phone holder would be a terrific idea. We constantly monitor ever-changing rules and regulations and will be introducing new products to ensure that you can take a branding advantage with any changes.

Branded Car Products are Visible

Possibly more than any other type of product, an item that is made just for the car gives a larger than usual exposure of your branding. There are two types of vehicle promotional branded products.

Firstly by external visibility: Items that are external and face the public including products like window sunshades for your dashboard or licence plates & air fresheners. Any passer-by can see these types of products inside your car and be intrigued by what they spot. These products are quite bold so be careful with your designs as recipients may not wish to be a walking billboard.

Secondly, internal visibility: Products you utilise within the cabin of a car are typically not seen by the general public who are not inside the vehicle. Promotional items that are internal include seatbelt covers; cigarette lighter port phone chargers are examples of products that provide good exposure but to a smaller audience.

Personalised Car Gifts are Versatile

With at least 19.2 million registered vehicles nation-wide, it's easy to see that Australians love their cars. Because cars are such a popular mode of transportation for our expansive country, giving promotional car gifts to recipients is an obvious choice. Logo decorated car items make excellent corporate gifts as well as giveaway items for marketing campaigns. Whether you're keen to promote safe driving, comfortable driving, or simply convenience, then Cubic Promote's range of promotional car merchandise is perfect for your next event.

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