Yoshe Foy

Yoshe Foy
Yoshe Foy
Content Manager

Yoshe is a contributing editor to the Cubic Promote blog and the company content manager. Yoshe has worked with promotional products for almost a decade, so she's an expert in product ideas, knowing what's new on the market and how to use promotional products to enhance brand visibility.

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  1. Custom Printed Playing Cards

    Playing cards are one of the world's oldest forms of entertainment, boasting a history that spans continents and cultures. Today, they remain a staple in social gatherings and casual games around the globe. But beyond their traditional use, playing cards offer a unique opportunity for brands looking to elevate their marketing strategies. Custom promotional products like playing cards are not just novelties; they are powerful tools that can enhance brand visibility and engagement.

    History of Playing Cards 

    The story of playing cards begins in ancient China, where they were first used during the Tang dynasty around the 9th century AD. Originally a form of amusement for the nobility, these

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  2. Top 3 Promotional Products for Autumn

    As the weather in Sydney has indicated to us this week, we're well and truly in the grips of Autumn. Don't get caught out with your marketing merchandise for the new season; check out our top picks for seasonal promotional products just in time for the cool change!

    Why Use Promotional Products in Autumn?

    Promotional products are a great way to get people talking about your business this autumn. By handing out merchandise like flasks, beanies, and hand sanitiser with relevant logos, it's likely customers will come back for more in future, creating brand loyalty and recognition. They also make great souvenirs from seasonal events that leave users reminded of the experience even after the fact. The benefit of branded apparel is key too - what better way to have folks walking

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  3. Buy New Umbrellas for National Umbrella Day

    On February 10th, the day is officially known as National Umbrella Day in America. However, we see no reason why we should not also celebrate that day here in Australia. 

    Personalised Umbrellas Are Taken for Granted

    There are a few products in life we take for granted. A ballpoint pen is one, and a promotional product like an umbrella is another. If it rains, we search for custom casual umbrellas. The thought and action come automatically with little consideration or processing for alternate options. The umbrella is possibly one of the most brilliant inventions of all time, a universal object that individuals from any background can use and appreciate.

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  4. Unexpected Branded Merchandise Means Credibility

    Here at Cubic Promote we've seen just about every promotional item you can think of and, while a lot of them are similar we can say that certain brands and organisations thrive on delivering the unexpected. Why do they do this? Typically doing things in a radical way makes you unpredictable, edgy, and creative and many organisations would love to have their branding associated with these terms.


    1. Be unpredictable to boost creativity and credibility.
    2. Choose unique and functional designs.
    3. Customise quantity and availability.

    Take Supreme for Example

    Supreme is a clothing and lifestyle brand that is rather incredible. Their marketing, motifs, and limited supply have allowed them to charge huge amounts of $$ for simple basic merchandise. They are at the forefront of creating clothing for millennials. So how did they get here? Take a look at their 2019 range of custom

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  5. Sporty Logo Gifts for Athletic Aussies

    Australians love exercise both indoors and outdoors. Which is why we've been receiving a lot of requests for information on ideal giftware for sporty promotions. We've recently increased our range of promotional items, so you're bound to find something athletic your recipients will love!

    Promotional Products for Healthy Australians

    Sportware or athletic giftware refers to unique promotional products that can be used in the gym, outdoor, or sports activities. These exciting items also come branded with your logo design making them ready to hand out at your next sports game, marketing event, health expo, and more!

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  6. Why Buy Promotional Mints?

    Mints are a delicious treat many of us like to pop in our mouths after a strong coffee or a cigarette to keep our breath smelling nice and fresh. Because they're refreshing and help with bad breath, mints have now become a staple at networking events, conferences, and even things like university o-weeks. If you want to make a good impression then investing in promotional gifts like personalised mints might be a smart move for your organisation.

    Why Custom Mints are Popular Products

    Here at Cubic Promote, we find a lot of people purchase bulk personalised mints because they want to hand them to recipients during events. I'm sure you've been to a conference

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  7. Promotional Products for University O-Weeks

    It's almost time for a new year to start at universities all over Australia which means there's not long left for student clubs, societies, local companies, and the unis themselves to organise promotional products for the biggest student welcome of the year! To help manage those last-minute blues, we've put together a list of popular promotional products just right for new students.

    1. Consider the audience and budget when choosing merchandise.
    2. Popular items: notebooks, power banks, reusable cups.
    3. Strategically distribute products to engage students.

    Selecting Custom Branded Products for Students: Key Factors

    Let's talk about how to choose the best merchandise

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  8. Promotional Sunglasses, It's Now or Never!

    Maximising Promotional Impact with Sunglasses During the Sunnier Months

    As the warmer months approach, the popularity of promotional sunglasses soars, making them an ideal choice for enhancing brand visibility. The spring and summer seasons are perfect for incorporating sunglasses into marketing strategies due to their practicality and high visibility. If you are looking for a fresh, impactful product for your organization's promotional efforts, sunglasses provide a stylish and functional solution that resonates well with outdoor activities and sunny days. This makes them a superb promotional tool that not only serves a practical purpose but also keeps your brand in the public eye during these vibrant months.

    The Party Season Continues

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  9. Merchandise Ideas for a Hot Summers Day

    As the Australian summer heats up, it's the perfect time to consider promotional products that shine under the sun. From custom-branded beach towels to portable fans, these items not only provide relief from the heat but also keep your brand visibly in the limelight. Dive into our range of summer promotional products to elevate your brand this season.

    Bulk Promotional Merch: Perfect for Sun and Humidity

    The best products available to protect staff, guests, students, or anyone out and about during Summertime will be products that address either the temperature, the sizzling sun, or the humidity. These three things contribute to making summers feel like summers.

    To protect yourself from

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  10. More Funny Custom Printed Tee Shirts

    If you may be considering using promotional tee shirts for your next event, it would be best advised to stay away from these weird and inappropriate designs. We have compiled here some of the best and most amusing ones we've seen.


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