In recent weeks we've talked about promotional clothing ranges from companies as diverse as Xbox and Coca Cola, right through to Justin Bieber. In each of these cases, apparel ranges have been collaborated on and produced to reflect new brand initiatives. But we think we've found the ultimate in customised corporate outfits with Adobe's 2016 Stock Photography clothing range.

adobe custom clothing meme shirt

Shirts Personalised With Stock Images

People might not generally consider stock photos (readily available images licensed for use - both free and paid) to be art or even arty in a traditional sense, but that hasn't stopped Adobe from placing them front and centre of their latest limited campaign. The company, best known for its Photoshop and Illustrator programs, now has a massive Stock Image range for businesses to utilise. Rather than going with a traditional merchandise campaign they opted to poke fun at the notoriously cheesy stock images currently available on the web with amusing results.

adobe custom clothing graph adobe custom clothing business

Presented in full hipster-serious mode the "Adobe Stock Apparel SS16 Lookbook" features a variety of different (and in some cases, relatively famous) stock photo images from yesteryear full colour printed directly onto the fronts of various white shirts. Each features the exact caption that accompanies the image online, including gems like: "laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad" and "mature business man with boxing gloves fighting co-worker".

adobe custom clothing hand shake adobe custom clothing woman salad

Unfortunately as with so many limited edition clothing ranges, this one is restricted to premium Adobe business clients. The message that cheesy old stock photos are out however, is one we can take away from this campaign for free.


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