This is so exciting for us. After years of not having a lot of innovation in our range of personalised candy range we have recently released a brand new category of candy. This is an oldie but a goodie! The new product we now carry are Rock Hard Candy pellets which come in all sorts of bright funky colours. The best bit? Well the branding does not simply go onto the packaging but we can also make things like text and simple logos onto the candy itself. The result is simply awesome. Here are some images of what our new Rock Hard Candy look like:

rock candy 2014 June

How Rock Candy With Personalised Images are Made?

Rock candy is made from sugar of course, lots and lots of sugar. The process is complicated and would require a professional Master Confectioner in order to create convincing images and graphics that you would be proud of. A lesser experienced Confectioner will only be able to create results that are tasty but they would not be able to make Personalised Rock Candy that are cute and attractive enough to bring a smile to your face.

It Begins With Sugar

- Beginning as sugar which is essentially boiled and water added to create a big paste the rock candy begins life here.

liquid sugar 2014

- Once the sugar solidifies a little it then goes through a process of stretching, pulling and kneading. This is to begin creating a workable shape and to allow air through the candy. This process is guaranteed to give your biceps a HUGE workout. Semi solid candy is no laughing matter and this is know to make or break would be apprentices

stretched and aerated

Designing Rock Candy Colours | Logos | Images

Once all the hard work is done this is the designing bit where we create the pretty letters, shapes and colours. Each element on the candy is created individually by hand. So each letter and each graphic is first completed. This is done on a hot surface using tools and moulds.

individual letters candy 2014 letters and print combined 2014

After the moulding via hand is done, the confectioner will then mix in the colours using food dye.

colours are mixed 2014

Now we are almost beginning to see what the completed product will look like. Your Rock Candy is rolled into a big round tube. You can already see the individual text as well as the individual colours lock into place from here.

rolled into a big bundle 2014

Once this is complete you get a very big and very thick sausage. The next stage is done by hand and it essentially involves lots and lots of rolling. Once the candy is rolled, it gets to a stage where they are skinny tubes.

almost complete 2014

They are then simply cooled and hacked into tiny candy pieces. The result? Delicious Rock Candy that look and taste simply amazing?

rock candy is completed rock candy is cut

Hope you found this interesting! Oh I almost forgot! The taste? Like all things sweet with a bunch of fruity flavours they taste absolutely amazing. The taste will immediately take you back to your child hood which can only be a good thing :)

Step by step guide on how Rock Candy is made was first seen on this website: