Hershey's chocolates are only just starting to make appearances on Australian shelves, but in the US Hershey's is the common chocolate of choice for those wanting to share a yummy treat with friends. Hershey's is so synonymous with chocolate they haven't actually changed the standard bar decoration in the 125 years they've been in business. Well, until now that is!

branded emoji chocolate bars

Promotional Rebrand for Famous Chocolates

So why the new version of Hershey's best-selling chocolate bar? Well, the company wanted to reinvigorate their perception in the community and held a lot of focus groups with parents and children to determine what both considered to be "fun." The result was a new kind of promotional chocolate bar that features individually branded pieces boasting emoji designs. It turned out that parents and children alike found emojis to be an enjoyable way to share their feelings and Hershey's hoped to inspire exchanges of chocolate too.

emoji branded hersheys bar

Not only will these new bars feature the emoji decoration on each chocolate rectangle, the packaging itself has been upgraded to include an emoji too!  There's no doubt that this revised look and set of bar decorations gives an otherwise more stuffy and traditional product a new lease on life. And no, before you ask, the poop emoji is not included on the bars. Despite kids picking the featured emojis it doesn't seem like poop made the cut -- let's see if they expand their range of designs if the bar proves to be popular enough as a limited edition product!

Here at Cubic Promote we don't provide Hershey's chocolate but we can brand unique chocolate bars with your own design in a similar way. Ask our sales team for more info and pricing! If you want to see more of the Hershey's bar then you definitely need to stop by their Instagram account;