Backpacks are the kind of product most of us at least own, if not use on a regular basis. If you're heading to work or school and need to take books or a laptop, you can't beat the portability of a backpack. Ucon Acrobatics are one of the leading European brands for upmarket, fashionable bags and they've just started a unique promotion involving backpacks and charitable donations.

feel good promotional backpacks

 Custom Designed Bags to Benefit the Homeless

Just in time for Berlin Fashion Week 2018, Ucon Acrobatics are teaming up with an assortment of talented studios including 44flavours, Gold & Wirtschaftswunder, and Studio Yukiko, to produce an exclusive range of promotional backpacks for charity. The MOTIF range of backpacks contains 38 exclusive designs not featured anywhere else, tailor-made for this particular campaign.

promotional backpacks design 1  promotional backpacks design 2

The goal is to present these innovative, modernist designs on the catwalk so that adoring fashionistas can check them out before Ucon Acrobatics auctions the bags off to some lucky individuals online. That's right, these eye-catching designs are one-of-a-kind and can only be purchased through a charity auction. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the magazine Streem, a culture magazine that supports the homeless in Berlin.

promotional backpacks design 3 promotional backpacks design 4

While we can't all produce customised backpacks with such out-there designs, if you are considering promoting a charitable organisation or event then you can always opt for a more budget-friendly customised backpack option to help raise money or simply to promote your business. If your design is unique enough you'll be surprised at how many people will be keen to check out your branded bags and backsacks!

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