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Hilarious T-Shirts With Incorrect Branding

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Have you ever been approached by someone looking to discuss the movie, band, or company branded on your favourite t-shirt? You can get into great conversations with strangers this way, or you can get tortured by know-it-alls who want to one-up you. The SlightlyWrong store deliberately creates variants on famous logo and poster designs with incorrect quotes or images just to stir the pedants out there who can't stand a mistake -- the results are hilarious!

hilarious logo tshirt james bond

Promotional Shirts With Funny (Intentional!) Mistakes

Promotional t-shirts are some of our most popular products because they offer a large branding area that's visible to a multitude of people when it's being worn. They're even more fun than usual if you print them with a funny design and in the case of SlightlyWrong t-shirts, they're ever so slightly off from authentic designs, which makes them hilariously deceptive to the eye. Check out some of our faves below.

hilarious logo tshirt twin peaks 

Forget Twin Peaks; you're going to want to talk about Twin Peaks and the mystery of who made Laura Palmer dead. The original Twin Peaks series had the tagline of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" and frankly this is a pretty good riff. Just annoying and amusing enough to appeal.

hilarious logo tshirt star trek

Trekkers won't appreciate this shirt featuring a mangled version of "Live Long and Prosper" featuring Spock. Or maybe they will, honestly it's a pretty funny gag.

hilarious logo tshirt rap

If there's one NWA album title that kids who grew up in the 90's remember it's "Straight Outta Compton" (which was later used as the title of a successful film adaptation of the group's early days). This revised print "corrects" the language in an obnoxiously white bread way.

hilarious logo tshirt robocop

I doubt any nerd anywhere enjoys Robocop being mangled into "Robotcop" let alone the messed up tagline. Still, it's close enough to the real thing that you could trick people from a distance with this design.

hilarious logo tshirt indiana

Indiana Jones's legendary hatred of snakes takes on a whole new life when transformed into Indiana Jone who claims he hates "snacks". Just a small change in spelling and suddenly the character's issues seem even more bizarre.

hilarious logo tshirt xfiles

And finally, everyone knows that Mulder and Scully in The X Files were searching for "the truth" which the show's opening sequence let us know "is out there" so this revised print that says "the truth is over there" makes the solution to all their alien conspiracy investigation seem a bit trivial. If the truth is just "over there" why not go grab it? Oh, I see, this isn't The X-Files it's X Flies, my mistake!

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