Chupa Chups is one of the world's most instantly recognisable brands of lollipop. Brightly coloured wrappers, the ever present daisy logo, the broad range of flavours, and of course the fact that it's seemingly always right within arms reach at the counter of pretty much every newsagency, super market, convenience store, or gas station. But who designed such a simple, elegant, and yet eye catching logo? Was it the magnum opus of some advertising agency somewhere? The most famous work of some unsung marketing agent? Actually no. It was, surprisingly enough, the work of one of the world's most famous artists; Salvador Dali.

Chupa Chups

Famous Logo - Famous Artist

Yes, Salvador Dali, the famed surrealist painter who created the instantly recognisable "Persistence of Memory" a.k.a that melting clock painting you've probably seen somewhere. Quite a surprising origin for the humble logo of a brand of lollipops. Enric Benrat, the company owner and creator of Chupa Chups, was a close friend of the famous painter and asked him to create a logo. Doodling a design on some newspapers, Dali created the cheerful design and specified that it should appear on the top of every Chupa Chup lollipop, that way it could be visible from all sides.

Chupa Chups 2

The design has stood the test of time, and works well to this day, being a simple but highly distinctive logo that fits the brand well. It just goes to show that simple designs can work well and if you've got a classic, you should probably stick to it. Besides, if you were lucky enough to have a world renowned artist design your logo, and it was an excellent logo no less, you should probably stick with it. It'd be like having a masterpiece of a jingle created by a close friend who happened to be one of the world's greatest musicians or something. How many companies could boast that kind of marketing pedigree?


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