For many years now, we have been resellers of the brand Lamy. Lamy is famous for its pens. Our Lamy promotional pens come personalised with your corporate logo we supply them at wholesale prices. The thing about Lamy is their products are really lovely. Here is a brief history of the brand.


  1. Lamy is a well-established brand.
  2. Customisable pens for promotional tools.
  3. High-quality and versatile options.


What is Lamy?

Lamy is a German brand name that specialises in luxurious yet affordable pens. The business was first founded in 1930. The brand came about when Josef Lamy purchased another pen manufacturer called Orthos pens. Since then, Lamy has led the way in the pen business with functional and unique pen designs.



The pen that Lamy is famous for is the plastic pen. They were the first business to use moulded injected plastics to create a style of pen. This style of pen is now commonly seen everywhere amongst all types of different brands. However, it was Lamy that first created them. The moulded injected plastic pens are characterised by:

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Bright, consistent colours

Types of Pens Available

In true German efficiency, the pens follow a name that relates to how they may be used or the process in which the pen was developed. For example one of their pens is called the Studio pen, while another one of their products is called the Scribble pencil.

The range of pens by Lamy includes:

  • Rollerball pens
  • Multifunctional pens (these pens include a ballpoint pen along with other writing instruments, such as a pencil or a highlighter
  • Lead mechanical pencils
  • Fountain Pens

Some of the more popular models include:

  • Fountain Pen's most popular model is the Lamy 2000 Fountain pens. Lamy's ABC fountain pen is also trendy.
  • The Safari, Al-star and Vista pens were incredibly attractive and popular pens. These were on sale since the 1980s, and they are still available for purchase today.

Lamy pens have been around for decades, but in recent years they have become much more popular due to the increased quality and range these pens now offer. They come in a wide variety that suits each individual need, whether it be drawing or writing – thereby allowing them to be used by professionals, students, and hobbyists alike.

Due to this comprehensive selection as well as affordable prices, people from diverse backgrounds gravitate toward these products as their versatility allows it to cater to every customer's needs - providing hours upon hours of sheer enjoyment

Lamy Revolutionises Promotional Products

Lamy pens have become a staple in the promotional product industry for several reasons:

  • Brand Recognition: Lamy is a well-established brand known for its quality and reliability. When you choose Lamy pens as promotional items, you benefit from the recognition and reputation associated with the brand.
  • Customisation Options: Lamy pens can be personalised with your corporate logo, turning them into powerful promotional tools for your business. Your logo engraved or printed on a Lamy pen adds a touch of elegance and professionalism.
  • Versatile Selection: Lamy offers a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes, allowing you to choose pens that align with your brand identity. From classic designs to modern and vibrant options, Lamy has pens to suit every promotional campaign.
  • Perceived Value: Lamy pens are often perceived as high-quality and valuable items. By giving away Lamy pens as promotional products, you create a positive impression of your brand and elevate the perceived value of your offerings.
    Lamy pens have revolutionised the promotional product industry, capturing the attention of businesses and recipients alike.


Lamy promotional pens have a rich history rooted in German craftsmanship and innovative designs. From their ergonomic design and premium materials to their timeless aesthetics, Lamy pens offer more than just a writing experience. With their diverse range of pen types and customization options, they have become a popular choice in the promotional product industry. By choosing Lamy pens as promotional items for your business, you can align your brand with quality, elegance, and functionality, making a lasting impression on your target audience. Consider the versatility and appeal of Lamy promotional pens for your next marketing campaign - they are sure to leave a lasting impression and elevate your brand's visibility.