It is important to carefully check and verify your designs for promotional tee shirts before putting them to print. Here is an amusing example where someone has forgotten to check, cross-reference and research design before hitting the "go" button to print a few thousand tee shirts. The result of this oversight has created a bit of controversy.

Minimalist or Complicated Designs

Creating designs for promotional tee shirts is so very easy. Even for those who are not creative, you may easily choose plans which many will consider stylish due to the popularity of minimalists designs. For those who do have an artistic eye, then designing a complicated graphic is easy.

In both instances, sophisticated graphics, or a simple minimalist design needs to be checked. Ask a few colleagues and do a bit of research (the internet can be convenient when it comes to this).

Afterwards, submit the graphic to your local promotional products company to print tee shirts for you.

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Controversy with Cars

Take, for example; this company called Kohl's who sells tee shirts in America. Kohl's created this line of screen printed tee shirts with an image of an old truck. The problem with the image is that the truck has been identified as a 70s Ford 150 while the body of the car is a 60's Chevrolet.

How big of a mistake is this? To put it into an Australian perspective, it is like putting a Holden Commodore logo and badge onto a Ford V8. Or you can compare it to putting the NSW State of Origin Team, onto a Queensland Maroon Tee shirt. This type of error leads to controversy and fistfights.

Avoid Controversy

So how to avoid controversial tee shirt designs? Ask a lot of people for opinions and do research.