Hi-Chew is a popular Japanese candy, known for its soft, chewable texture and various fruity flavours. Like a lot of other snack brands, Hi-Chew has come to recognise that merchandise is an essential part of marketing to the masses. For the first time ever the brand has released an international capsule collection drop featuring promotional products decorated with the Hi-Chew logo.

hi chew branded swag

Fashionable Promo Swag for Snack Fans

Hi-Chew candies are locally available in Australia through a variety of Asian grocery stores, which means even if you've never been to Japan then chances are you've still probably spotted their logo while visiting a Japanese variety store or similar. Hi-Chews were originally just a Japanese snack, but over recent years they've become more readily available overseas. Now Morinaga, who sell the chewy candies, have expanded their market overseas and part of this move is a unique capsule collection of funky logo branded swag consisting of custom clothing and accessories.

hi chew promotional clothing hi chew logo printed bag

What Promotional Items are Available?

Hi-Chew has avoided one of the traps a lot of companies launching their first international merchandise collection fall into. Hi-Chew has presented a small range of useful items featuring very clear branding in styles that suit a broad consumer base. These include

By focusing on these simple, proven products and limiting the products to a brief capsule collection the marketing team at Hi-Chew have secured a powerful promotion. Marketing merchandise can boost your brand when used as part of an event giveaway, as staff gifts, or as rewards with purchase. But a lot of businesses not traditionally associated with fashion are discovering, just like Hi-Chew, that limiting the availability of clothing products can not just boost demand, but general interest in your brand as well.

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Details found here: https://www.hi-chew.com/