Humans aren't the only members of a household that can appreciate receiving promotional products. Pets also enjoy being given unique gift items just for them. Recently the US burger chain Whataburger celebrated National Dog Day by producing customised swag for man's best friend and it got us thinking about just how fun branded gear for dogs can be!


  1. Customised swag for pets increases brand awareness.
  2. Pet-friendly promo items create emotional connections.
  3. Branded swag for pets promotes loyalty.


whataburger branded pet food bowl dog leash

Whataburger Merch for Pets

Whataburger, which recently produced some great promotional clothing for people, decided to celebrate National Dog Day last week with an online Human Society collab party and the launch of some special swag just for pampered pooches. While often we see pet-focused companies making promotional items specifically for pets, other businesses can get on board too as custom items for cats & dogs can help you reach a large audience in a memorable way.

whataburger branded dog leash

What Branded Merchandise Suits Animals?

If you're interested in getting attention for your organisation like Whataburger and need some marketing merchandise aimed at pets, then you can't beat some of these best-selling product ideas (all of which come customised with your logo design)!


  • Full-Colour Printed Dog Leashes
  • Logo Branded Dog Collars
  • Promotional Pet Drink Bottles
  • Keyring Doggie Waste Bag Dispensers
  • Premium Dog Walking Accessory Bags
  • and more!


Please be aware that not all the items here, or in any promotional merchandise store, are designed with pets in mind. If you're interested in a product for your next promotion and want to check whether it is pet safe, speak to the Cubic Promote team. Our experienced staff can direct you to products that are designed to meet your needs and price you for anything unique you may require.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Promo Items

Promotional pet products helps bring awareness about your brand amongst animal lovers. By giving away functional yet fun items like customised leashes or collars, you're creating positive associations between your company logo and the love people have for their furry companions. Here's a detailed list of how pet-friendly promo products can help your marketing:

  • Increased Brand Awareness Among Animal Lovers: Customized pet merchandise serves as a unique way to bring awareness to your brand among animal-loving individuals. By providing items that cater to their beloved pets, you create a positive connection with potential customers.
  • Engagement and Emotional Connection: Promotional products targeted at pets allow businesses to tap into the emotional bond between humans and animals. Pet owners are passionate about their furry companions, and by offering branded swag that enhances their pets' lives, businesses can foster a strong emotional connection with customers.
  • Expanding Target Market and Building Loyalty: Inclusion of pet-friendly promotional items allows businesses to expand their target market beyond traditional demographics. Pet owners are always on the lookout for products that cater to their pets, and by offering such items, businesses have the opportunity to attract a new and loyal customer base.
  • Positive Brand Association and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: When businesses provide high-quality logo-branded swag that is beneficial to pets and pet owners alike, they create a positive brand association. Customers who are satisfied with the promotional products may share their positive experiences with other pet owners, creating valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Getting noticed has never been easier when working towards a common goal – pampering our beloved pets!

Wrap Up

With Aussies' love for pets skyrocketing year on year, getting creative with promotional products that aim at catering to them is an opportunity worth exploring! So what are you waiting for? Pets are important members of Aussie families so if you're keen to get the attention of animal owners then you'll definitely want to take a leaf from the Whataburger book and look into promotional pet products!

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