Mousepads have always been one of our top selling promotional products. Any company will benefit with having mousepads with their own custom logos within their arsenal of marketing tools. Why? Simply put mousepads have an area for branding which is simply an unbeatable size. Combined with the fact that a mousepad has to be used within arms length and you have a combination of marketing exposure unlike any other. The most important thing when using a mousepad for your promotional use though is design. You would want to ensure you have a creatively fun graphic or image to make it appeal to a user to use it everyday. Simply having your logo on a plain mouse pad with your telephone number is fine however to really make it an excellent marketing item why not place some really smart caption or perhaps a beautiful photograph. Better still come up with some original graphics and really work on the colour to make it spot on and appeal to a user. Mousepads are really one of only a few products that can have its appeal purely determined by your creativity.

History of Mousepads

So why was the mousepad invented? Originally computer mice used trackballs and was first used in 1968. This literally was a little rubber marble that sat within the mouse and when scrolled little sensors will detect its movement and correlate it to a pointer on your monitor to interact and control a computer. In order to increase sensitivity a soft pad was required to make the mouse more precise. Overtime this pad is now known as the mousepad. However with todays computers nearly all mice use a combination of technologies including lasers and optics which by and large make the original functionality of the mousepad redundant.

Why Are Mousepads Still used today?

Mousepads today are used mainly for three reasons. Firstly they look good. (this is why we keep on stressing the need for a creative image). Secondly they protect the desk that they are used on as overtime a computer mouse can cause scuff marks on any wooden surface. Third reason why mousepads are still so popular is that they increase the comfort for the user.

Different types of Mousepads?

You may have noticed on websites including ours that there are literally dozens of different styles of mousepads all at different price points. So whats the difference? Essentially they all function the same of course. There are subtle differences in quality and finishes. I'll list out some of the more popular ones we stock here many of which are made right here in Australia:

Budget Deluxe Mousepads - Basic Mousepad with a full colour print and a laminated plastic surface. This mousepad is a perfect combination of price, quality and the print is supurb. Its our best selling mousepad by far!

Fabric Mousepads - As the name implies these have a printed fabric surface as opposed to a laminated plastic surface.

Welded Mousepads - This mousepad is the ultimate in quality. The edges of it are heat pressed to literally encase and seal your branding. The result? A mousepad that not only looks like quality but feels like quality and will last for years without freying around the edges.

Eco Mousepads - Made from a minimum 30% recycled content. Its even had its surface optimised and anaylsed for maximum accuracy.

Gel Mousepads - These are mousepads with a squishy soft gel like support on the risk. Unlike other mousepads we stock these are not made in Australia.

Novelty Mousepads - These ones have been made to allow pockets for photographs or business cards however they are essentially identical to our Budget Deluxe Mousepads

FlipMats - A patented Australian mousepad which is almost as thin as a cardboard yet still have a rubber grip on the back and a full colour laminated front print of your images and logos.

Liquid Mousepads - These are plastic mousepads with a liquid substance internally. Specifically this liquid is actually coloured oil. These look amazing and are probably our best looking ones in our range.

liquid mousepads

gel mousepads

slim mousepads