Monday the 11th of October marked the start of NSW's transition out of lockdown. However, a lot of businesses will face challenging times ahead getting noticed in a busy market overflowing with 'welcome back' messages. Help your organisation stand out from the crowd with promotional gifts featuring designs you want your customers and staff to see!

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Why Use Branded Merchandise?

People enjoy receiving gifts, it's just a fact of life. When businesses provide branded merchandise, surveys suggest that you're more likely to think favourably of them than if they had given you nothing. Unique branded merchandise is a way to utilise people's appreciation of gifts while getting your organisation noticed and a lot of NSW businesses could use that extra visibility now that the state is leaving strict lockdown behind. Every shop that's been closed over the past several months is clamoring for attention, custom decorated gifts are the ideal way to stand out from the crowd!

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How to Pick The Right Custom Products

When you're looking to incorporate promotional items into your marketing, the most important thing to consider is whether or not your recipients will find it useful. There is no point spending time and money producing a unique corporate gift for your brand only to have it sit on a shelf. Consider what your clients do each day and how a promotional product may be able to improve their experiences. For retail businesses, something as simple as logo printed calico bags may be just what your customers need. After all, they're going to need to carry their purchases away when they're done shopping, why not advertise your brand while giving them a product they can use immediately? If you consider promotional items in this way it will be easier to narrow down your selection.

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Speak With the Professionals

If you're an Australian organisation wanting to try promotional products as part of your overall marketing plan for the first time, you'll want to have a chat with the friendly Cubic Promote team. Our customer care team experts know our products, the types of promotions they're frequently used in, and how to get your logo to look its best using our various decoration methods. If you're struggling to figure out how to make promotional items work for you now that NSW is out of lockdown, then we're here to help guide you in the right direction. Whether you're after something for a school, a sports team, a pub, a charity, or an Australia-wide corporate promotion, the Cubic Promote team can help you realise your dream and make those marketing goals happen!