Who cares about told tea bags? Tea bags, when used are soggy wet and generally quite unappealing. So if you have ever purchased promotional, custom branded tea bags, and wondered what else you could use them for, once a tea bag has been used, I have an answer for you here. This Artist creates art from tea bags! Don't believe me? Check out his work below.

Custom branded teabgs for blog

Art with Old Tea Bags

Recycling and upcycling in 2018 is a hot topic this year. I have seen all sorts of products, from reusable straws, which generally will not even be considered a product in itself last year, be a hot selling item. Let us hope that people continue to be environmentally conscious next year in 2019 which brings us to the topic of the day.

The artist by the name of Ruby Silvious, who is an artist based in the Big Apple in America, has turned wet tea bags into works of art.


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How and Why?

Well for every single day, (and I assume, every single cup of tea that is consumed), she dries them and decorates them with hand drawings. Why? I am guessing because she can. How? By using a lot of time and patience (something that I do not have). Specifically Ruby commented on how when tea bags dry out, a lot of the tea inside becomes randomly spread out, creating a beautiful canvas to begin enhancing and drawing upon.

Elaborate Works of Art

Ruby's effort is quite incredible. At the end of each day, her tea bags are used as a way to keep a diary of herself and her day.

A Coffee Table Book

Not only have these Tea Bag drawings attracted a lot of attention online, on Instagram, but these little works of art has now been transformed into a book! Do you want some artistic inspiration for your own tea bag art series? Well purchase a bulk lot of promotional tea bags from us, and get your creative juices running!


Images first seen on website: https://www.instagram.com/silvirub/