Kids in the world rejoice. A national day for scribbling officially exists. Sadly this national day is in America only, but I see no reason, why us Australians cannot get on with the fun of scribbling. Scribbling is essential, it may use a lot of ink, and definitely a lot of graphite in pencils, but I believe scribbling is well worth the time and effort.


  1. Celebrate creativity with Scribble Day.
  2. Boost branding through promotional tools.
  3. Inspire artists with scribble-related activities.


Red/Yellow and Lightblue Pencil for Scribble Day

Scribbling is Art

In artistic circles, scribbling may be considered as art. In fact, there are more than a few artists, whose random colours and thoughts are expressed through lines that seem like scribbles.


Kids love to scribble. I know my kids do at least. Their personality is expressed through the scribbles. Everyone begins their creative journey through scribbling. Myself? I tend to doodle a lot when I'm in long meetings. My doodles are definitely scribbles.


Scribbling, as fun as it is though, requires a lot of ink and graphite in pencils. This is why you need promotional pens or pencils. Buy these in bulk at low cheap prices branded with your logo. Hand out these customised pens and pencils and maximize your brand name.

Fun Ideas for National Scribble Day

Are you excited to celebrate National Scribble Day? You should be because this day is all about having fun and unleashing your inner artist. Don’t worry if you're not an expert in the arts of design; we’ve got some wonderful ideas for you to make the most out of this day!


How about creating a one-of-a-kind artwork by combining your scribbles into a beautiful masterpiece? You can also use these random strokes as inspiration to create unique stories and let those creative juices flow.


Let's turn on some competitive mode too by playing Pictionary or charades but with only scribbled drawings. That’s sure gonna bring out loads of laughs.


Don't forget how important promotional plastic pens and pencils can play role in making your Scribble Day even more fun-filled. These customized writing tools are perfect for jotting down thoughts, doodling during long meetings, or noting down that next big idea. Plus, branded items emblazoned with logos will establish strong branding ties from even far-flung corners.

Why Scribble Matters

Scribbling does more than merely entertain; it's a tool for personal expression, learning, and even marketing.

  • For children, scribbling is the first step in learning how to write. It helps them develop their fine motor skills and encourages creativity.
  • Adults often scribble during meetings, not just out of boredom, but also to help focus their thoughts. Research has shown that doodling can actually enhance our cognitive abilities!
  • For artists, scribbling becomes art. It's a raw, unedited manifestation of their thoughts and emotions.
  • Scribbling has a practical use in marketing, particularly promotional product marketing. Scribbling tools like pens or pencils, when branded with your logo, can enhance brand visibility and recall.

Promotional Scribbling Tools

Customised scribbling tools can serve dual purposes - promoting creativity and your brand.

  • Pens: Pens are a versatile choice for promotional products. They come in a variety of types and colours that can be customised with your company's logo, turning every scribble into a branding opportunity.
  • Pencils: Like pens, personalised pencils can be personalised to promote brand presence. Moreover, they offer a different writing experience that some people prefer for sketching or doodling.
  • Pen-Pencil Combos: A pen and pencil combo is another great promotional product. It offers versatility and practicality, ensuring your brand logo is always in sight.
  • Logo Notebooks: Scribbling requires a canvas, so why not provide branded notebooks? Every doodle becomes a testament to your brand's support for creativity.


Now, I know our neighbours across the Pacific might recognize this particular occasion through official celebrations only so far! But hey – nothing should stop us Aussies from joining in on such exciting days like National Scribble Day celebrating creativity!

So whether it's drawing anything at all just for fun purposes or honing art skills – grab yourself a pen/pencil combo right now and start exploring every chance available to express - Who knows what amazing thing incognito inside each handwriting tool that could emerge under your free-flowin' hands? Get busy 'n have excellent "scribbling" time everyone!