The winner of an annual competition for the best tee shirt design will now be featured inside the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Video Game. With a global audience and passionate fans, literally millions of people will see this tee shirt design. Nifty work!!

Each year a global competition is conducted to see who can come up with the best tee shirt design. Each year sees a new theme. In the past, topics have ranged from Pixar, Star Wars or Marvel. So there is plenty of material for inspiration. This year the idea was Pokemon. Pokemon is enjoying a resurgence en masse. The lucky winner with the best design went to Li Wen Pei with a design featuring the less well known Pokemon characters of Gyrados and Magikarp.

winner printed tee shirts May 2019

First Prize for Best Tee Shirt

The winner of the competition will have a great CV and the honour of being the best.

Other prizes include having the design custom printed onto tee shirts which will be available for sale at all Uniqlo outlets around the world.

The ultimate prize for the winner Li Wen Pei is that this design will be featured in the Nintendo Switch video game. The video game is called Pokemon Sword and Shield. In game Pokemon Trainer characters will wear the design.

The Other Design Winners

The 2nd and 3d place tee shirt designers were also rather good. Check out there designs here. These contestants also scored tee shirt deals too. These custom printed designs will be screen printed onto tee shirts, which will be available for sale within Uniqlo stores around the world.

White tee shirts May 2019 printedPokemon Tee Shirt printed may 2019

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