Hand sanitizers are a product that has become very very popular in the past few years. When the common flu is no longer common anymore, but instead is a dangerous combination supercharged germs and viruses that cause lots of damage and even death, the need for clean hands is more important than ever. Our promotional hand sanitizers are made using an alcohol base with a minimum of 60% content (research shows that anything less than 60% does not provide reliable germ-killing power). However what if you want an alcohol free version? Well here are some tips and a recipe for making your very own hand sanitizers using common products found in supermarkets or around the home.

DIY your own anti bacteria gel

Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer

Certain oils and liquids are common known agents that kill germs. They are not as effective as chemicals and alcohol, but they are less harsh and cheaper to obtain. Regardless, they still pack a punch and are more than sufficient for everyday use. Products like vinegar are one such example.

Hand Sanitiser Recipe

  1. Small pocket spray bottle - 25ml (just pro-rata the ingredients below for larger smaller bottles)
  2. Hot boiling water
  3. Aloe vera gel - 1 tablespoon
  4. Teaspoon of vinegar
  5. 3 Teaspoons of eucalyptus oil
  6. Cinnamon and for added aroma you could put in lemon or orange oil instead. Even juice is fine, but oil works better.

Place everything into the bottle and shake hard! That is it! The whole process should not take you more than a few minutes. The result is something original, refreshing and can make your hands not only germ free but also feeling (courtesy of the Aloe vera) and smelling (courtesy of the cinnamon and lemon/orange oils) fantastic. Nothing alcohol based will come near it.

Please do not consume this liquid; it is for application to the skin only. We recommend applying a small amount to your hand as an allergy test before using in full for the first time.

Article Updated 23/01/18: New image added, recipe adjusted, disclaimer added.