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Why Promotional Reusable Cups Are Vital

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Coffee. The elixir of life and the substance that makes up about half of my blood supply at this point. In Australia, our coffee industry has had a massive boom over the last twenty years. With the invention of the flat white and the long macchiato, we have invested a lot of money and effort into our growing needs to get our caffeine fix, but there is a problem. The amount of waste from disposable coffee cups is astounding, and we need to do something about it. The answer is simple: Promotional Reusable Coffee Cups. This is a simple way of not only helping the environment, and cutting costs, but showing every single person that you give these to that you're doing your part for the wider community.

Custom Printed Coffee Mug

Eco-Friendly Logo Cups to Help The Environment

16.3 million coffees are consumed but Australians daily. This is only coffee, and not taking into account tea, hot chocolates or anything else you might get in a disposable cup. Disposable cups that often advise that they are recyclable, aren't. Yes, they are made from paper. However, they are often lined with polyethene to make the cups watertight. This is not a recyclable product. Polyethene never fully breaks down, so it just sits in a landfill releasing methane gases, which are 21 times more detrimental to global warming than even C02. Not only that, but the majority of even the recyclable coffee cups are not separated, and just thrown into the bin that is headed straight to the landfill anyway.  It is estimated that 1 million disposable coffee cups end up in a landfill every minute.

It is easy to fall into goom and gloom mode when thinking about this, but the easy solution is to take action against it. Custom Branded Reusable Coffee Cups are the simplest method of helping, as it only takes 15 cups of coffee to make up for the production of the cup in an environmental sense. We have a huge range of Reusable Coffee Cups that you can personalise, and make them your own, and here are some of my top picks:

1. 300mL Double Wall Stainless Steel Cup

Personalised Coffee Travel Mugs

This is my ride-or-die reusable mug. I have this bad boy on me at all times. Being shaped like a stemless wine glass, this vacuum insulated cup has a push on lid that keeps your drink either hot or cold for up to three hours. It is so sleek and is made of stainless steel, this mug will be not only usable but thriving for years to come.

2. Ultimate Promotional Eco Glass Coffee Cup

Personalised Logo Branded Glass Keep Cup

Some purists out there believe that metal can affect the taste of a finely brewed cup of joe, so this cup is your best friend. This 340 mL reusable glass coffee cup has over 190 different colour combinations between just the band and the lid alone. With a wide silicone band that is perfect for printing your logo, this cup is trendy and oh so stylish.

3. Reusable Event Carry Cups

Logo Branded Plastic reusable coffee mugs

This is our most popular promotional reusable coffee cup, as it comes in an insane 1728 different colour options, and is the best value for money. This 350mL coffee cup is made from food-grade polypropylene which is dishwasher safe, BPA free and most importantly, recyclable. This is a great item to buy in bulk for the entire office, maybe for an upcoming New Year's gift?


Personalised reusable coffee cups make environmental sense to buy, they make economic sense to buy, and they make marketing sense to buy. So what's stopping you?



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