We love a good brand collaboration, especially when it results in some outrageous promotional clothing. So let's just say we were thrilled when we discovered that US clothing retailer Forever 21 had collaborated with Cheetos to create a new line of AMAZING logo branded clothing and accessories featuring some dangerously cheesy designs.

promotional cheetos collab clothing shirt

Famous Logo Branded Clothing & Accessories

20 years ago the idea of wearing trendy merchandise for a snack food brand would probably be considered laughable, but thanks to all manner of clever fashion collaborations, people are lining up to buy quality promotional clothing with quirky, cool logo branding on them. The latest in a long line of limited edition clothing ranges, Flamin' Hot Cheetos x Forever 21 combines the colourful American junk food favourite with affordable, fashionable items from Forever 21.

Promotional Dress Cheetos Promotional Tees Cheetos

Most of the products in the range are standard items of clothing such as custom branded t-shirts, logo imprinted dresses, and custom tank tops, but what makes them stand out from the crowd is the truly eye-catching decoration featuring the Cheetos logo and mascot, Chester Cheetah. Because the clothes use vibrant colours and retro cartoon images they offer a playful, fun way of engaging with the new Cheetos Flamin' Hot range.

Promotional Caps Cheetos Promotional Socks Cheetos

However, there's more to this combined promotion than only t-shirts, and we can't get enough of the accessories they companies have added to the range as well. An assortment of promotional caps, socks, and beach wear help the Cheetos clothing stand out from a lot of other collaborations that don't go beyond tees or hoodies. We've seen a huge increase in the number of promotional socks people want to buy from us with their unique branding so it isn't a shock to see that Cheetos x Forever 21 have multiple socks (and caps!) in the campaign that look comfy as heck while still having the Cheetos brand front and centre.

Cheetos Promotional Gear

So if you're concerned that promotional clothing might be considered unfashionable if the designs aren't subtle, take heed from this campaign which tells us all the best thing to do with our branding is to take chances, have fun, and embrace the vibrancy of our business. If you're ready to do that for your own business or event, then give Cubic Promote a call today!


Details first spotted here: https://thedieline.com/blog/2019/6/6/now-you-can-wear-cheetos-without-getting-covered-in-cheese-dust