There is an incredible amount of variety when it comes to custom branded tee shirts - too much variation in fact. Having a weird graphic or a cool caption is not enough sometimes to attract attention. This is where associating your tee shirt design with another popular event comes in handy. In this case study below, the TV show Stranger Things provided a massive boost for an obscure Weird Al tee shirt design.

Mass Appeal via TV

The TV Show Stranger Things on Netflix is a phenomenally successful and popular tv show. It is so prevalent in fact that merely having a tee shirt design worn by one of the main characters, has to lead to it being sold out.

In this instance, the tee shirt worn by Dustin Henderson depicts an image of the musician Weird Al. Weird Al released a hit song 40 years ago. Millions have seen the picture of Weird Al on Dustin's tee shirt of people.

The mere sight of Dustin Henderson wearing it provides the Weird Al tee shirt with street credibility and expose his image to millions of new young fans. This co-incidental exposure will help with Weird Al's concert tour, new album as well as printed tee-shirt merchandise.

Type of Print Used In the Tee

I cannot help but analyze the tee shirt. The garment worn in Stranger Things is a Pastel Blue, personalized with a full-colour transfer print. This results in a vibrant full-colour print with a photo finish. If you were to touch the tee-shirt, you would notice that the branding and image are slightly rough to the touch, almost like a decal that has been applied.

The tee-shirt, in summary, is exceptionally branded.