We've previously mentioned that due to logistics and supply issues internationally, the Cubic Promote team recommends placing your Christmas promotional gift orders sooner rather than later. If you've been ordering products online via local post services over the last few weeks you'll know what we're talking about! That's why we're reminding you today to try to get your orders for the holidays placed with our team ASAP!

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Why Is It Important to Order Early?

Here at Cubic Promote our team will always try to get your orders branded and despatched on time, but due to these logistics issues with national and international delivery systems, for 2021 we want our customers to know that they have a better chance of on-time delivery if orders are placed before early November. Not only can you be confident in delivery times, but it's also advisable to reserve your preferred stock as soon as you can due to reduced international factory capacity throughout the pandemic making a lot of common items scarce before the holidays.

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What We Will Do For You

The Cubic Promote customer care team is dedicated to getting the best results for our clients, no matter what industry they're from or what product they require. That's why we will always communicate with you clearly about whether your deadline can be achieved and, if it cannot be accomplished, we will always work with you to find a similar promotional item that meets your needs. Nothing will change regarding our dedication to providing the branded merchandise you want, when you want it. We're just advising all our customers to plan ahead this year due to issues that are unfortunately out of our control.

What You Can Do Now

Speak to our customer service squad for more information on the promotional swag you'd like for your business or event before Christmas. Our staff members are experts when it comes to promotional gifts, including their stock levels and expected decoration times. Speak to a local who knows what you need for this Xmas break, speak to Cubic Promote.