The camera phone was considered rather outlandish when it was first unveiled. After all, what did it have to do with anything? It's like putting a blender on a bicycle. Utterly unrelated and baffling. Of course, camera phones actually allowed us to take a photo practically anywhere, and when mobile phones because smartphones, it allowed us to share and edit those photos and then videos over our many forms of social media. But what if you could make cameras even MORE convenient? Well that's what Snapchat - or rather, the newly renamed Snap Inc - have done. Spectacles - promotional sunglasses with an in-built micro action camera.


  • Spectacles allow for hands-free recording and quick capturing of moments, making it easier to document experiences.
  • With a built-in camera, the sunglasses offer a first-person perspective and discreet recording.
  • Camera sunglasses combine sun protection, convenience, and style, making them an appealing accessory for various activities.


A New Way of Photography

Just think about it, you're walking along, and something photo or video worthy happens. But by the time you whip out your phone and select camera, that moment might have already passed. Well, all these require you to do, is hit a button on your sunglasses and them bam! Ten seconds of video, with a new one recorded each time you press the button. The sunnies also wirelessly connect to your smart devices to upload the images. Which seems incredibly convenient when you think about.

spectacles 2

This could be the next step in convenient camera technology. It could be like Action Cameras, or selfie sticks, the next big thing in photography related products and accessories, and something that you could soon put your own brand on. Of course, it'll probably lead to an endless stream of semi-pointless short videos on social media, but it is what it is.

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Why Camera Sunglasses?

Camera sunglasses combine the functionality of a wearable camera with the convenience and style of sunglasses. They offer several benefits for users who want to capture their experiences hands-free. Here are some reasons to use camera sunglasses:

  • Hands-free recording: Camera sunglasses allow you to record video or take photos without holding a camera or smartphone. This enables you to engage in activities such as sports, hiking, or sightseeing while capturing your experiences effortlessly.

  • First-person perspective: With a camera built into the sunglasses frame, you can record videos and take photos from your own point of view. This provides a unique and immersive perspective that lets viewers experience events as if they were there.

  • Discreet recording: Camera sunglasses are less conspicuous than holding a camera or smartphone, making them ideal for capturing candid moments or filming in situations where you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

  • Protection from the sun: In addition to their recording capabilities, camera sunglasses also function as regular sunglasses, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing glare.

  • Convenience: Camera sunglasses eliminate the need to carry around a separate camera, freeing up space in your bag and reducing the number of items you need to keep track of during your adventures.

  • Style: Many camera sunglasses come in fashionable designs, allowing you to maintain your personal style while enjoying the practical benefits of hands-free recording.


Camera sunglasses offer a unique combination of hands-free recording, first-person perspective, discreetness, sun protection, convenience, and style. They are an excellent choice for those looking to document their experiences without the hassle of carrying around a separate camera or smartphone. Snap Inc's Spectacles, promotional sunglasses with an in-built micro action camera, offer a new level of convenience in capturing and sharing moments. These camera sunglasses provide hands-free recording, first-person perspective, and stylish designs, making them an excellent choice for documenting experiences on-the-go.


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