Australia's overall COVID-19 infection numbers have been steadily dropping, and most of us can head back to the gym or visit family members now. However, we mustn't become complacent about hygiene and cleaning best practices at home and in the workplace. Even if we don't get another wave of Coronavirus, everyday colds and flus can still wreak havoc on health and the wellbeing of communities around Australia. Here are a few essential tips and tricks to help maintain the high level of hygiene we've all been practising over recent months.

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Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. This tip is so simple that we often forget it, but nasty viruses like COVID-19 enter the body when we touch our faces or inhale/ingest infected particulate. If we regularly wash our hands after using the bathroom or touching shared surfaces, the soap and water will destroy the outer casing of the viruses so they cannot infect you. Give your team promotional soap sheets dispensers to keep in their pocket just in case they need soap at any time.

Keep Lots of Hand Sanitiser Nearby

Keep custom branded hand sanitisers nearby if you don't have soap and water. Sometimes we're on the move and don't have access to a sink and some quality soap, which is where hand sanitiser comes in. Effective at killing bacteria and germs, hand sanitiser is an excellent option to use during those in-between times when you don't have bathroom access. Hand sanitiser is handy when used in conjunction with good personal hygiene, but it cannot replace keeping your hands clean the usual way. So be sure to soap up when you can!

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Face Masks for Work and Home

Wear bulk face masks if you're unwell. If you've got a bit of a cough or sniffle, think of people around you and pop on a disposable mask. Face masks can help stop the spread of your germs to other people by keeping them contained within the mask. Choosing to wear a mask while sick is a common practice in many countries across Asia and a good habit for Aussies pick up too. Businesses and events should keep some disposable masks handy at all times so that staff make use of them if they're feeling unwell.

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Social Distancing is a Good Idea

It has become a bit of a buzzword, but social distancing (where we keep a physical distance between one another) is a good way to prevent spreading a lot of different illnesses. It can also help people feel more confident in returning to their everyday routine now that COVID-19 is dispersing. If your business interacts with the public, you should consider using custom sneeze guards to protect your staff (and customers). It also doesn't hurt to use custom floor stickers to indicate where people need to stand in your business or at your event in order to maintain proper distancing.

Continue to be Mindful

Above all, continue to be mindful of your own health and the health of others. If you're returning to work, be sure to offer hygiene products for your staff and visitors to use (per government guidelines). If you're looking to hold an event, be aware of any government attendance limits in place and ensure you use signage and social distancing items to keep attendees and staff safe.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a scary time for us all, but now that we are transitioning back to work we can continue to keep ourselves healthy and safe by following the tips above. If you'd like more information on promotional products that can help with returning to work, speak to the Cubic Promote team today.