Whether you're holding an event, looking to give customers a gift with purchase, or simply hoping to expand your marketing reach you'll find that promotional bags are some of the most consistent sellers in our industry. Because bags can be used for so many different purposes and have a high level of reuse, your branding enjoys great exposure for longer! But which bags make the cut for Aussie businesses? You might be surprised...!

promotional bags ideas calico

Promotional Calico Tote Bags

One of our all-time best-sellers, promotional cotton tote bags are a versatile choice for those seeking an everyday use bag that is durable and stylish without breaking the bank! Standard cotton calico bags are unbleached and made from natural material, making them a good choice for those who want to avoid plastics and other eco-unfriendly materials. We've sold calico tote bags to supermarkets, schools, government departments, conferences, concerts, and small online business across the country. There's just something about the way your printed logo stands out against the natural cotton fabric, what can we say? Cotton calico totes are generally the most popular choice for organisations hoping to promote eco-friendly and reusable shopping bag choices.

chiller bags ideas au

Custom Decorated Cooler Bags

Aussie love a cold drink in the warmer months which means there's always demand for custom decorated cooler bags in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you're hoping to promote your outdoorsy business, your caravan group, or simply want to reward clients with a premium gift they'll appreciate, the chiller bags in Cubic Promote's range might suit you. Cooler bags have a special insulated interior that helps keep temperatures stable, ensuring your drinks or snacks don't end up boiling hot 5 minutes into a beach picnic! Because there's such a variety of colours and designs there really is a chiller bag for every purpose which is why these continue to be a popular choice Australia wide.

personalised backpacks promo bags

Personalised Backpack Bags

Finally, how could we forget the humble personalised backpack? Backpack bags are popular choices among students and business commuters because they are easy to carry via shoulder straps and feature large storage spaces. Whether you need to carry around text books, drink bottles, sports gear, or a laptop you can't beat the convenience of a backpack bag! Depending on the bag style there are also a lot of colours and storage pockets to suit specific requirements (such as team colours for athletes, extra pocket bags for business staff). If you'd like to promote your organisation using a bag that will get noticed whenever it is used then you can't go past backpacks.

If you're in need of more specific bag recommendations or ideas for getting the most out of promotional bags then please speak to the Cubic Promote customer service team today.