Must-Have Promotional Items for Your Sales Team

“A happy sales team is a productive sales team.”

There is indeed truth to such statement as most businesses rely on the accounts or customers the members of the sales department sign up. For this reason alone, you need to boost confidence and morale among your sales employee by giving them promotional products personalised with the company name or logo.

Although it would be tempting to simply choose popular promotional items for your sales team such as ball pens or mugs, you might want to try a more personal approach. Here are the top must-haves for your cherished sales team:

Personalised Business Card Holder

Nothing says professional than handing out business cards and with a personalised business card holder, any client would be impressed. Business card holders give the impression that your sales team is serious about their work in ensuring customer service. By having more than enough card to pass around, carried in official-looking holders certainly offers an aura of competence and efficiency. You can choose from many kinds of business card holders from aluminium to leather, with some boasting of features such as calculator.

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Printed Bags

Another promotional product which screams capability and expertise are Printed Corporate Bags. These bags may be in the form of satchels, backpacks or even duffel bags and can be for either travel or everyday use. Your sales employees will certainly welcome such promotional merchandise as it will provide them convenience and comfort. When choosing a bag to customise, it would be a good idea to choose a material which can stand the constant lugging around such as leather. You might also want to consider trolley bags as they feature wheels which make them even simpler to drag around.

Customised Personal Items

There are also plenty of customised personal items which will make your sales team feel pampered such as Sunglasses, Cuff Links or Neck Ties, all of which showcase the company logo. These merchandise are also quite effective in marketing your company as they can be worn all throughout the day and be seen by everyone.

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Corporate Compendium

No productive sales person is ever without a Corporate Compendium for schedules, appointments and taking down notes. They are also practical choice for carrying important documents, business cards, ball pens and even calculators. Your choice of promotional compendium for your sales team will depend on their needs. There are different sizes, colours and features to choose from and you should know which your employees will find practical and functional.

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Branded Golf Gear

When your sales employees need to play in the big leagues, be sure to hand them Customised Golf Gear. With many of the nation’s top men playing golf and the golf course becoming like an extension of the conference room, it would not be a bad idea to provide your sales team with such promotional product. From golf umbrellas to golf balls, your employee will be ready to take on the challenge.