It's rare that a tattoo studio invests in a fully immersive promotional rebrand, but Sorry Mom tattoos in Germany (yes, they're really called Sorry Mom!) have hired the W.A.B.B. agency to put together a brand identity that's functional and inspiring. If you're considering a logo rebrand or just want to see how the pros do it, you'll love checking out this unique new promotional look.

promotional tattoo rebrand

Promotional Products Featuring Eye-Catching Logo Branding

The Sorry Mom tattoo store is a family owned business that prides itself on creativity and an overall rustic atmosphere. As such, the W.A.B.B. agency has put together a wonderful logo rebrand that features simple, arresting designs on an assortment of high-quality promotional products.

sorry mom promotional stickers sorry mom promotional business cards

The Sorry Mom brand is limited to three standard colours (blue, yellow, white) which means the store presents a straightforward identity with consistent elements even though it also indulges in creative designs (seen on the stickers above) alongside more traditional prints (per the business cards).

tattoo promotional tshirt tattoo promotional beanie

This is taken to the next level with the brand's promotional clothing, including a rustic-looking beanie and a traditional pink t-shirt. The logo decoration remains in a simple one-colour pad/screen print on all produces except the beanie, which opts for a sewn-on tag for a more hipster feel. The result is a memorable brand that sticks with consumers long after their visit to the store is over -- not unlike the tattoos that make up the bulk of Sorry Mom's business.

If you're struggling with your own brand identity, Sorry Mom is a great logo rebrand that presents itself simply without a lot of needless frills. Great inspiration if you're starting out or need a sleek new look that doesn't get lost in the crowd.

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