Did you just purchase a set of promotional bottles for your organisation? The idea of a reusable water bottle is simple and appealing. Save money and be eco-friendly at the same time through the use of a reusable bottle. Just fill up your bottle each morning and throughout the day with water. Sounds fuss-free and straightforward right? Well, it is not quite so simple. You do need to wash and clean your bottles regularly.

Why You Should Clean Your Bottles Daily

Should you clean your bottles? I can safely assume that everyone will say yes to this. What is unclear though, is when and how often to clean your water bottle. The answer is every day. Spit and saliva around the mouthpiece of a bottle may easily be a breeding ground for germs which can make you sick. It is not just your saliva; bacteria can quickly breed from any food traces that you leave behind on the bottle. These food particles then make their way down to the water within the bottle, causing all sorts of germs to fester within the water over time.

When you rinse out your bottle, remember to rinse out the lid as well. Give both the lid and the mouth of a bottle a good rub with a sponge. If this is too hard, then use your hand to give it a good rub.

Do you Need Soap and Detergents?

Yes, you do indeed, need soap or detergents for a more effective clean as rinsing won't be a long-term solution to keeping germs at bay. We recommend using mild soap or detergents rather than strong, caustic ones for the best results that won't damage the bottle or leave chemical residue inside.

How to Clean Your Custom Bottles

To keep your promotional drink bottle looking and smelling great, you'll want to wash it the right way. First off, avoid throwing it in the dishwasher - too hot and too rough for most drink bottles. What you should do is give it a good rinse with warm soapy water for starters. It's important that you don't use harsh chemicals or scrub it down hard because that can leave unhygienic residue and scratches on your bottle.


If stains or odours persist, add some vinegar or baking soda to your cleaning solution (use a teaspoon of either but not both). Let that sit in there for 10-15 minutes before giving your bottle another quick clean then rinse thoroughly again. Once done make sure any moisture inside of it is dried completely so there's no bacteria build-up happening. Use a clean tea towel or paper towel until all areas are dry properly then store away!


A few easy steps to prevent you from getting sick through germs contaminated within your water bottle is time well spent. If you think your branded drink bottle is at the end of its useful life, give the team at Cubic Promote a call to order bulk replacements for your business or organisation.