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Why Buy Promotional Nail Files?

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Our nails have all manner of unique and important functions, and while manicures & nail care have long been associated with women, the reality is that all of us have fingernails and we should take care of them. So what's a good nail care tool to have handy? A nail file, of course!

nail file promotional nails

Fingernails Grow Every Single Day

promotional nail file in use

One of the most important reasons to have a promotional nail file in your backpack or handbag is that your fingernails grow pretty fast. How fast? Around 0.1mm every single day, but this speed can increase during the daytime and summer (when compared to evening and the winter). Because your nails are always growing and changing, it's important to keep your nails neat.

Don't Chew Your Nails; It's Bad For Your Health

don't chew your nails

If you bite your nails or find them breaking often, you might also benefit from having a nail file handy to shape your nails back to a neat rounded look. But don't take that as approval of your nail biting habit, it's not great for your health! Not only can it be painful to chew your nails back too far due to boredom or stress, but a lot of dangerous bacteria accumulates under your nails, and if you bite them you may ingest horrible things like E. coli. Nobody needs that in their life!

If Your Nail Breaks, Treat it Immediately

nails and promotional nail files

And finally, if you weren't sure about why it is important to keep a personalised nail file handy, keep in mind that if you do break a nail the longer you leave it without tidying or treating it, the more likely you are to injure yourself with the jagged edge, or potentially catch this edge on something and tear the nail even more.

So what's the best way to address all these issues? Purchase a portable nail file and set of clippers to keep in your briefcase, bag, or drawer. Check out our range of promotional hand, neck and wrist items here.

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