Our nails have all manner of unique and important functions, and while manicures & nail care have long been associated with women, the reality is that all of us have fingernails and we should take care of them. So what's a good nail care tool to have handy? A nail file, of course!

1. Keep nails clean and healthy.
2. Nail files are practical tools.
3. Promote your brand with nail files.


Importance of Nail Care

Here are the reasons why you should include nail care in your regular hygiene:

Fingernails Grow Every Single Day

One of the most important reasons to have a promotional nail file in your backpack or handbag is that your fingernails grow pretty fast. How fast? Around 0.1mm every single day, but this speed can increase during the daytime and summer (when compared to evening and the winter). Because your nails are always growing and changing, it's important to keep your nails neat.

Don't Chew Your Nails; It's Bad For Your Health

If you bite your nails or find them breaking often, you might also benefit from having a nail file handy to shape your nails back to a neat rounded look. But don't take that as approval of your nail biting habit, it's not great for your health! Not only can it be painful to chew your nails back too far due to boredom or stress, but a lot of dangerous bacteria accumulates under your nails, and if you bite them you may ingest horrible things like E. coli. Nobody needs that in their life!

If Your Nail Breaks, Treat it Immediately

And finally, if you weren't sure about why it is important to keep a personalised nail file handy, keep in mind that if you do break a nail the longer you leave it without tidying or treating it, the more likely you are to injure yourself with the jagged edge, or potentially catch this edge on something and tear the nail even more.

So what's the best way to address all these issues? Purchase a portable nail file and set of clippers to keep in your briefcase, bag, or drawer.

Custom Nail Files: Benefitting Industries

Businesses that want to reach out to their customers in a unique and practical way can consider using promotional nail files as a marketing tool. The following industries, in particular, could benefit from this:

  • Beauty and Personal Care - Promotional nail files can be a great addition to beauty and personal care businesses like spas and salons. Give them as complimentary items with every manicure or pedicure service, or even sell them as retail products.
  • Healthcare - Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can also benefit from personalised nail files. Encourage hygiene by distributing these items among patients, nurses, doctors, and staff members.
  • Travel - People on the go often forget basic grooming essentials such as a nail file. Tour operators or hotel chains could keep branded nail files in rooms for guests to tidy their nails before heading out.
  • Event management and hospitality - Corporate events or weddings usually offer guests customised goodie bags filled with useful goodies like promotional nail files. It's an affordable item that delivers value to everyone's daily routine while promoting your brand at the same time.
  • Fashion and lifestyle brands - Fashionistas always need their accessories carefully crafted, including nails! Promote fashion-forwardness by giving away branded cosmetic tools along with clothing items during launches, promotions etc.

Why Choose Branded Nail Files?

Promotional merchandise is an effective way of increasing brand visibility and promoting your business' message to potential customers in Australia and beyond, but why choose nail files specifically? Here are some reasons:

  • Practicality: unlike many other branded items that are only used occasionally or end up being discarded after a short time period, nail files have daily use value.
  • Cost-effectiveness: promotional nail files are an affordable option for businesses of all sizes— they come in various styles and materials so you can choose the right one for your budget.
  • Size does matter: because they're small enough to store just about anywhere (dresser drawers, purses or backpacks), it's easy for clients utilised them on-the-go which means more exposure opportunities.


Taking care of your nails should be a part of your regular personal hygiene as it offers multiple benefits, from preventing the ingestion of bacteria to avoiding injuries caused by rough edges. By having a personalized nail file on hand, we can ensure that our fingernails are neatly trimmed and shaped whenever necessary. Not only is this essential for our health, but businesses can also benefit from promotional nail files as an affordable and practical way to increase brand visibility, engaging with customers in the beauty and personal care, healthcare, travel, event management and hospitality industries. So why wait? Get yourself a handy personalised nail file today and show off those healthy happy hands!

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