Custom Shirts Made from REPREVE

Promotional apparel made from REPREVE® fabric has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its quality performance and broad environmental benefits. While we have clients asking for custom sports uniforms made with REPREVE® it is important to note that this fabric isn't exclusive to our industry. In fact, some of the biggest brands in the world integrate REPREVE® fabric into their fashion, including Nike, Levi's, Asics, and The North Face.


To explain why this relatively recent fabric innovation is so popular, we have to look at REPREVE®'s properties and their value to consumers, businesses, and the environment. Ready for a journey? I know I am!

Key Takeaways

  • REPREVE® fabric is made with ocean-bound plastic bottles, which keeps rubbish out of waterways and gives manufacturers a cutting-edge new fabric option for performance clothing.
  • You can tell when clothing is made with REPREVE® fabric as it will feature an eye-catching green tag, so don't accept any imitations.
  • REPREVE® fabric is breathable and wrinkle-resistant, which means it is a preferred option for custom-branded uniforms, printed athletic wear, and personalised high school jerseys.

REPREVE material is made from reprocessed plastic bottles

What is REPREVE® fabric?

REPREVE® fabric is a material made from recycled plastic bottles that is used in the manufacture of apparel. REPREVE® is lightweight, strong, and smooth to the touch - perfect for making comfortable, everyday clothing.


Not only is REPREVE® fabric great for the environment because it uses rubbish bound for our waterways in its make, but it also provides superior performance compared to traditional fabrics. REPREVE® is water-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant, so your team can wear uniforms made from REPREVE® fabric all day without discomfort, even in extreme Aussie temperatures!

Tags on REPREVE products

How is REPREVE® made?

REPREVE® fabric is made by collecting plastic water bottles, fishing nets, and other ocean waste. The waste is then reprocessed and broken down into thread-like fibres before the fibres are spun together to create a durable yet soft fabric that feels quite similar to traditional fabric blends.


REPREVE®'s process helps reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans and transforms it into something useful instead. So if you are keen on promotional clothing or custom uniforms made sustainably, REPREVE® might just suit your needs. To ensure you're purchasing clothing made from authentic REPREVE®, all clothing made from this material comes with a green tag boasting the REPREVE® logo so you can be confident in the quality of the product as it is the real deal!

Polo Shirt Made from REPREVE

What types of custom clothing are made from REPREVE® fabric?

REPREVE® fabric is used to make various custom clothing items, including t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hoodies, shorts, jerseys, sports uniforms, board shorts, and even underwear. In Australia's promotional apparel industry, you'll find REPREVE® fabric used most commonly in activewear, such as tees, singlets, team gear, sports bras, leggings and yoga pants.


REPREVE® fabric is lightweight yet strong, and because the fibres used to make the material are highly breathable, this means REPREVE® fabric is the ideal choice for everyday uniforms in Australia, whether they be for primary schools, high schools, universities, offices, construction sites, government departments, or sports teams.


Personalised Branding on REPREVE® Products

REPREVE® fabric is white when produced, making it perfect for sublimation printing, a cost-effective and vibrant means of branding each thread in the item of clothing in the appropriate shade to pull off gorgeous gradient or full-colour photographic designs. As such, a lot of Aussies love promotional sports polos or team jerseys made with REPREVE® because sublimation perfectly captures complex designs from Indigenous artwork to multiple advertiser logos with ease.


REPREVE® Products from Cubic Promote

If your business, school, or event requires custom-branded apparel and you're keen on a high-quality, eco-friendly option, then you can't go past REPREVE® fabric products from Cubic Promote. Our team of local experts will put together pricing, and a virtual mock-up of your preferred design & then the production team will handle the rest. Don't settle for second-best when it comes to apparel; choose cutting-edge, sustainable clothing from Cubic Promote made using REPREVE® and be part of a better tomorrow.