If there's one thing we've noticed recently around the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, it's that a lot of people are using one particular style of Anti-Theft Backpack. Known as the "Bobby" and made famous through XD-Design's Kickstarter campaign to produce the bags, we are stoked to have one in our office ready to give away to one lucky Facebook visitor!

  anti theft backpack promotional

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What makes the Bobby bag so popular is the fact that it's been specifically designed with safety, security, balance, and storage solutions in mind. The material is anti-cut, so nobody can slice through the outer bag to get to your important documents or mobile accessories. It also has an advanced storage design for maximum balance and efficiency without lending your bag to easy pickings from thieves. The material is water repellent and because it's a smart bag (with pockets for laptops, smart phones, tablets, drink bottles, and more, there's also an integrated USB charging point and shockproof structure. It's even got reflective elements for those who enjoy cycling and need to remain visible at all times.

anti theft backpack inside  anti theft backpack boxed

We can provide these bags in bulk for corporate promotions or events with your unique branding, but it's not often that we manage to get one in the office to share with others! So what are you waiting for? Visit Facebook.com/CubicPromote/ and click "LIKE" to enter the draw to win one grey Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack direct from the Cubic Promote team (we've got a lot of jealous team members staring wistfully at it already!!). The winner will be drawn at random from all entries received by midnight on November 15th 2017.

Find out more about the Bobby Backpack here: https://www.xd-design.com/bobby