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Promotional Satchel Bags

Buy satchels custom printed with your graphics or logos in Australia. We carry a diverse range of satchel bags stocked locally, ready to be custom decorated. If you are in the market for a promotional bag, definitely consider a satchel bag. They are stylish, convenient, and a terrific alternative to backpacks. This style of bag has proven to be popular amongst Australian businesses and organisations during events, open days, seminars and conferences.


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We Screen Print, Embroider & Digitally Full-Colour Print

Cubic Promote utilises the best equipment to custom brand onto promotional satchel bags. We brand using your choice of the following techniques.

  • Screen Printed Satchels: This is the most popular customisation style for bags. Screen printing is a method of branding that has been around for years. We can effectively screen print your logo in up to 3 colours, with a beautiful professional finish that your staff or clients will love.
  • Embroidered Satchels: Certain styles of satchels allow for embroidery. Embroidery uses coloured threads woven into the satchel to create an image. Our embroidery machines are digitally controlled to enable logos to be accurately recreated onto the surface of a bag.
  • Digital Full Colour Prints: Full-colour prints allow gradient shades of colour to be decorated onto a satchel bag. This process provides a beautiful visual finish. It is, however, the most expensive way to decorate a bag.

Fast Shipping in Australia

We deliver promotional satchel bags with a fast 2 week turnaround time. However, for urgent 24 hour turnaround times, don't hesitate to contact a friendly team member.

What is a Satchel?

A satchel is a type of bag that features a single should sling. This shoulder sling enables the bag to be hung vertically on a shoulder or diagonally from one shoulder and across the chest. This bag style has been in fashion for many decades and is among the earliest known type of bags in history.

Many modern satchels feature a handle as well. This hand allows the bag to be held and carried by hand.

Satchels have proven popular amongst students, office workers and the general public. At conferences and tradeshows, they are a big hit especially. Logo branded fidget spinners, cubes, and poppers are also an interesting addition to your promotion for students.

Great Corporate Gift Ideas

Promotional satchels make for a great corporate gift idea. They are stylish and provide the user with a level of convenience unmatched by other styles of bags. In addition, satchels are generally lightweight and durable. This is important as recipients would find it convenient to reuse this bag style in their daily lives, providing your brand name with continuous marketing exposure.

How to Care for Custom Satchels

To care for your satchel is quite simple. First, give your satchel a light brush with a soft brush to freshen it up every few months. Next, if you may have stains on the satchel, wash with a damp, warm cloth and allow it to dry. If this is not enough to remove the stain, use a mild soap, followed by a rinse and allow the bag to dry.

FAQ on Satchels

Do you supply messenger bags with logo branding?

Yes, we supply the item, and custom branding is delivered directly to your door.

What is the smallest number of satchels that I can order?

The minimum quantity of satchels we can supply is 25 pieces.

Are satchels unisex bags?

Yes, satchel bags are suitable for both male and female use.

What can I carry in a satchel?

The internal size of a satchel will vary depending on the style. Most satchels can accommodate an A4 sized notebook.

Do you make unique custom satchels to order?

Yes, let us know what features and specifications you desire, and we can create a custom satchel for you.

Quality Nylon for Durable Bags

Promotional satchels are frequently used to carry around heavy pamphlets, catalogues, and books. Because of this, our satchels are designed to carry heavy loads. Having a durable and stylish bag will ensure your logo printed bag enjoys refuse throughout the year. We use quality materials such as nylon and sturdy stitching to ensure your custom satchels will stay intact. To maximise the lifespan of your bag, always try to distribute weight evenly and don't overload it.

Example of a Screen Printed Satchel

Satchel Bag

Image for embossed logo on badge on satchel bag.

Satchel Bag 3


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