Brown Promotional Products: Earthy and Reassuring

It would certainly be safe to assume that marketing and advertising is the life blood of a business. This is perhaps the reason why strategies are given much thought. Even with something as simple as handing out merchandise personalised with your corporate logo, you need to be very careful about the choices you make including the right colours scheme. Each colour comes with its own meaning and expresses a particular idea and purpose. For instance, if you are looking to exude warmth, comfort and solidity, you will surely benefit from Brown Promotional Products.

What Brown Means

In psychology, Brown is the colours associated with maturity and strength. This colour also gives a person a feeling of reassurance as well as a sense of duty. It is oftentimes related with the outdoors and practicality which is why you often see them used for things which are natural, organic and wholesome. Brown is also a friendly colours and makes the person wearing it seem more approachable.

In many cases, Brown is considered a neutral colours specially its lighter shades, which are beige and taupe. Be careful about choosing the shade of Brown as some can find it boring, too serious, lacking in sophistication, staid and worse, dirty.

Businesses Benefiting from Brown

Considering the qualities that the colour Brown represents, it is not surprising that businesses targeting the male market oftentimes use it in their marketing and advertising. You can consider handing out Brown promotional products in the form of personalised pens, customised coffee cup tumblers and other printed leather items.

Conversely, it can be used to target the female population as long as the product or service is associated with outdoor activities such as gardening. Farming, landscaping, and other nature-related businesses such as production or organic and wholesome foods also use this colour. Another industry which makes use of Brown would be home design or architecture, simply because of the warm earth tones which translate to stability and comfort. Businesses selling luxury men’s products and services usually use a darker shade of Brown in combination with either cream or gold for sophistication.

Of course, when promoting products during the autumn season, choosing Brown is only logical and timely. The great thing about Brown is that it actually blends well with most colours, probably because it is actually a mixture of Yellow, Blue and Red. It even acts as a stabiliser for these colours, allowing red to exude practical energy and yellow and blue to emit mental energy.

Brown Promotional Products

There are a few options for selecting the brown colour as a base colour for your next promotional gift. The number of products are no where near as diverse as the primary colours of white black greens blues yellows or reds though. If you did need brown products why not consider items such as:

- Printed Plastic Sports Bottles

- Jelly beans!

- Corporate compendiums

- Promotional Pens

- Stressballs

- Reusable Coffee Mugs

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