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Promotional products are a staple in any company that wants to put its name and reputation out there. Some companies maintain a set of personalised items that they hand out all year round. Every once in a while they also come up with special items for equally special occasions. If you are looking for a cool item to give out at your next trade show or business conference, you can consider computer peripherals like promotional headphones and computer mice.

A promotional headphone and computer mouse is definitely not as common as other corporate giveaways. They are so unexpected that and that will make them a big hit. Your recipients will certainly cherish your customised headphones or computer mice and the best part is they will never forget your brand.


You will never run out of choices for either custom-printed headphones or computer mice. For headphones you can opt for the overhead type that fits snugly into the ears. This type offers more space for printing your logo. The earphones on the other hand are worn inside the ear canal and the printing space for your logo will be on the case of the earphones.

For the printed computer mice there are even more options in terms of sizes and designs. There are your regular computer mice with cords and there are those that are wireless and optical. You also can purchase a branded computer mouse ideal for travel with retractable cables that roll up when not in use. Printing space will not be a problem as there is ample space on the mouse to carry your brand or logo.

Consider the Features

When looking for the perfect computer mouse and headphones, it's important to consider which features are best for your needs. For example, if you're going to be using your computer mouse heavily for gaming or graphic design, you may want to opt for an ergonomic model that is contoured according to the shape of your hand. Some models even come with adjustable weights and sensitivity settings to provide the most comfortable experience.

When it comes to headphones, comfort is key. Look out for features such as soft cushion pads, adjustable headbands and noise cancellation technology so that you get superior sound quality without any distractions. Additionally, consider whether you need wired or wireless models - each offering different advantages. You should also check out the specs on audio frequency range and impedance levels so that they match your listening preferences.

Read Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are a great way to find out more about the pros and cons of each brand before you make your purchase decision. These reviews provide insight into the product quality, customer service and overall customer experience. The best way to read reviews is to look at a range of them from multiple sources such as online retail sites or discussion forums.

This will give you a balanced view on the product features and any potential drawbacks that you should be aware of. Reading customer reviews can also be helpful when comparing products side by side, allowing you to make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Packaging and Handling

Special packaging and extra care in handling is needed for both headphones and computer mice as these are both electronic items that can sustain damage through shock or jarring whilst being delivered. This is one issue you should consider carefully when transacting with your promo items provider. Your supplier should be able to provide sturdier packaging for these items to ensure they get to you and your intended recipients intact and in good working condition.

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