Selecting Corporate Christmas Gifts

There is no better time than the yuletide season to create awareness for your brand as well as extend your goodwill to your customers, suppliers, clients, and staff. This is the reason why corporate Christmas gifts are a big deal for many companies, and it should be a big deal for your company as well. People expect to receive promotional gifts during this season and not just any sort of gift they want something special that will remind them of your company.

Picking a Special Gift

You do not have to spend a fortune to come up with remarkable personalised Christmas gifts. What you need is a customised item that speaks to the season and probably will blend well with your recipient’s home or dining table. A good wine in a printed bottle or a box of cookies in a branded canister would usually do the trick. You need to focus on the design though and how your logo will be printed on the custom-branded promo item.

Buying Your Corporate Christmas Gifts

Buying branded corporate Christmas gifts is not a simple task, and it requires a lot of planning and doing to ensure that your gifts will stand out and they will make it to your recipients in time. Here are some tips on ensuring that your custom-printed corporate Christmas gifts are a sure-fire hit with your intended recipients.

Start early – Companies start preparing for their corporate Christmas giveaways as early as August or September. They start by brainstorming on which items to give away. Companies purchase custom-branded corporate items in different tiers; there are items that will be given to executives and managers, those that are suited for rank and file employees, suppliers, and prospective clients.

Beat the rush – If you wait too late for placing your orders, you run the risk of not having them in time for the holidays. Keep in mind that all businesses will be ordering their own set of corporate Christmas gifts same as you and manufacturers will be up to their necks with work.

Decide on your packaging – Some companies opt to do the Christmas wrapping of their corporate gifts in-house as this gives them the chance to inspect the items as well and weed out defective ones

Quality Assurance – Inspecting the items is important especially if you are giving out electronics or battery-operated gifts. You do not want to send out items that will not work since you want to create a positive impression

Christmas Items

Most companies give out custom-branded food items, and the downside to this is that the recipient will likely forget your company once the food has been consumed. A good solution is coming up with fancy containers for the food items or pairing it up with a calendar or a compendium that they can keep using in the coming year. Calendars and datebooks do not cost that much, but their impact will be immense as they will be placed in a spot where your logo will be viewed by a considerable amount of people.

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