Personalised M&Ms to be Remembered By

This year, be more creative with your corporate promotional items by giving away personalised MMs. You can definitely generate a lot of attention with these candies in custom-printed packaging. Chocolates and candies are very popular products that span the entire spectrum of demographical groups and they appeal to all ages.

Who and When

When planning any type of personalised promo campaigns, companies typically answer two questions which are, who to give the items to and when? Custom-branded MMs are a perfect way to push a brand and improve sales. These items are typically given away to clients and customers. They are also ideal as gifts for employees. The ideal situations where custom-branded items should be given away are trade shows, annual parties, product launches or simply to generate awareness for a brand.

The Giveaway Checklist

Your company cannot give out items for the sake of giving them out. Every promo giveaway campaign should serve a purpose or a goal. You also have to come up with a plan to on how to maximize your company’s exposure through the giveaway. Certain things will have to be considered when giving away customised M&Ms.

Budget – how much can your company spend on your promo items

Volume – how many items can you order

Design – how will your logo appear on the package or container

Schedule – what is your timetable from the time you order the products to the time it reaches your intended recipients

Remember that chocolates and candies are perishable items so make sure that you can send them off to your recipients as soon as it reaches you or issues of freshness may arise. The good thing about giving away M&Ms is that you can totally be creative when it comes to your container and what you want to print on it. You can also opt to use only specific colours of the candy to perhaps represent you corporate colours.

The candies can be in transparent printed wrappers, jars, canisters, or any other containers you can think of. But, the most significant consideration when thinking of the type of branded packaging to use is how your logo will appear on it. To ensure that you are getting value for your money, make sure that your supplier can meet your expectations and demand. If you do not have a supplier for your promo items yet, then you can start looking for one over the Internet.

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