Buying Guide for Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks can play an important role in generating awareness for a product, brand or company. Many corporations make use of personalised items that they give out during company events such as conferences, product launches, Christmas giveaways and many others. Giving out customised items are carefully planned out so as to maximize their impact on the target audience. The corporate logo is printed prominently in the item to ensure exposure.

Among the popular corporate giveaways are branded backpacks. The material used for these bags is usually non-woven polypropylene, which is durable and economical. This material can be designed in many different ways and is ideal for custom-printed artwork such as a corporate logo. Branded backpacks are widely used today in the apparel industry as packaging for jeans, jackets, caps and other clothing items. They are also a popular giveaway in fitness centres and gyms.

Designed tastefully, these custom-branded bags will be used by consumers often and for different purposes. They are ideal for carrying books, personal effects, beach or work out items, and snacks. They will also be very popular among the younger set and those who lead an active lifestyle.

Considerations for Branded Backpack Giveaways

Purpose - Backpacks may not be ideal for all types of corporate events so you have to be sure that this item is appropriate for the purpose you have. It is ideal for product launches, conferences and trade events but may be less suitable as a Christmas giveaway.

Design - You have to decide on the colour and the print of the bags. Some companies usually just print their logo and use their corporate colours while others would include a short corporate message or slogan. Make sure that your artwork will be prominent and readable especially from a few feet away.

Dimensions - What size would you like your bag to be? The standard size would be 39 cm width and 49 cm height with a print area of 25 x 25 cm. This should be more than enough space to prominently position your company logo.

Supplier - Find a vendor or a supplier that has a strong presence in the industry and one with a history of turning out good corporate giveaways. If you are looking for a vendor online, check out their products carefully and see if they match your needs. You need to carefully consider their prices, shipping and returns policy. Make sure they offer customer support and that all their contact information is on the site.

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