Stylish and Practical Retractable I.D. Reels

There has never been a cooler way to wear your identification card or tag your bags than with retractable I.D. reels. They are popular as corporate logo items or corporate giveaways because of their smart look and the convenience they offer. Retractable reels are lightweight, economical and safe. You have heard some accidents involving lanyards or I.D. leis as their string or band can be caught in drawers, doors and other items. With personalised retractable reels these dangers are eliminated as the string retracts back to its plastic reel after you have swiped your card in the office.

Customised retractable identification reels are also ideal as a spot for your company logo. They may be small in size but they command attention especially when you are pulling it out to swipe your I.D. in the office door. Picture all your employees uniformly wearing your printed retractable identification reels in the workplace. This kind of branding is definitely easy on the eyes and your clients and prospective clients will definitely be drawn to them.

Style and Features

Tiny as they are, custom-printed retractable identification reels are highly practical and stylish. They are also very economical so you can have them made in huge quantities. You can customise your own retractable reels through the following ways.

Colour – you have the freedom to pick the colour you prefer from the reel to the string to the pocket clip on its side

Shape – being small items, they can be moulded into various shapes from round, to square and to novelty shapes like hearts or stars

Accessories – you can add a small flash-light or a key ring to your retractable I.D. reels to add more uses, the recipients will love your brand more for it

The Right Time to Give Out Custom-Branded Items

Whatever branded item you choose to give out, there should be an appropriate occasion for your giveaways. Handing out promo items like printed retractable I.D. reels during a corporate event or special occasion will ensure that your logo will be well remembered by the recipients. Here are some potential occasions when giving out promo items would be appropriate:

Conferences and business conventions – throughout the year, your company may be participating in at least two trade shows of business conferences. The next time you attend one, make sure you are bearing gifts for the attendees in order to highlight your brand

Product launches – The big splash you want to create when you introduce a new product to the market will be all the more remarkable when you have accompanying freebies to hand out to consumers

Anniversaries or Holidays – promo items are well appreciated when handed out during a celebration such as Christmas or New Year. People will typically expect free items when your company celebrates various milestones such as your anniversary

Advertising campaigns – whether you wish to remind your market of your brand or you are launching an all out advertising campaign to boost the sales of your products, you can give out themed promo items to coincide with said campaigns.

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